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color englannista suomeksi

  1. värivaraus

  2. värittää

  3. värillinen, väri-

  4. värikkyys

  5. sävy

  6. kaunistella

  7. väriaine

  8. väri

  9. värjäytyä

  10. maalata

  11. värjätä

  12. väritys

  1. Substantiivi

  2. väri

  3. ihonväri

  4. paikallisväri

  5. väri, heraldinen väri">heraldinen väri

  6. lippu, värit

  7. Verbi

  8. värjätä

  9. värittää

color englanniksi

  1. The spectral composition of visible light.

  2. (ux)


  3. A subset thereof:

  4. A particular set of visible spectral compositions, perceived or named as a class.

  5. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp)

  6. Hue as opposed to achromatic colors (black, white and grays).

  7. These hues as used in television or films, color photographs, etc (as opposed to the shades of grey used in black-and-white television).

  8. Any of the standard dark tinctures used in a of arms, including azure, gules, sable, and vert.

  9. (cot)

  10. A paint.

  11. ''The artist took out her colors and began work on a landscape.''

  12. Human skin tone, especially as an indicator of race or ethnicity.

  13. Skin color, noted as normal, jaundiced, cyanotic, flush, mottled, pale, or ashen as part of the signs assessment.

  14. A flushed appearance of blood in the face; redness of complexion.

  15. 1864, Sir Henry Stewart Cunningham, ''Late Laurels'' (volumes 1-2, page 117)

  16. (..) her very embarrassment wore a graceful air; her high colour had softened down to a warm, delicate tint; and her dress, which looked beautifully new and fresh, was in good taste, and showed her off to advantage.
  17. (senseid) Richness of expression; detail or flavour that is likely to generate interest or enjoyment.

  18. (RQ:Vance Nobody)

  19. Three chairs of the steamer type, all maimed, comprised the furniture of this roof-garden, with (by way of local colour) on one of the copings a row of four red clay flower-pots filled with sun-baked dust(nb..).
  20. A standard, flag, or insignia:

  21. A standard or banner.

  22. The flag of a nation or team.

  23. (quote-book)

  24. Gang insignia.

  25. An award for sporting achievement, particularly within a school or university.

  26. The morning ceremony of raising the flag.

  27. A property of quarks, with three values called red, green, and blue, which they can exchange by passing gluons; charge.

  28. A third-order measure of derivative price sensitivity, expressed as the rate of change of gamma with respect to time, or equivalently the rate of change of charm with respect to changes in the underlying asset price.

  29. The relative lightness or darkness of a mass of written or printed text on a page. (See (pedia))

  30. Any of the colored balls excluding the reds.

  31. A front or facade; an ostensible truth actually false; pretext.

  32. 2011, David Baldacci, ''The Collectors''

  33. At the far end of the continuum, Roger Seagraves collected personal items from people he'd murdered, or assassinated rather, since he'd done it under the color of serving his country.
  34. An appearance of right or authority; of law.

  35. 1882, ''The Ohio Law Journal'' (volume 2, page 396)

  36. The only thing which this defendant is accused of doing is that he excluded this boy from the school, and he did it under the color of the statute relating to the subject, and did it because he was a colored boy.
  37. Conveying color, as opposed to shades of gray.

  38. To give something color.

  39. To cause (a pipe, especially a meerschaum) to take on a brown or black color, by smoking.

  40. To apply colors to the areas within the boundaries of a line drawing using colored markers or crayons.

  41. To become red through increased blood flow.

  42. (syn)

  43. To affect without completely changing.

  44. To attribute a quality to; to portray (as).

  45. To assign colors to the vertices of a graph (''or'' the regions of a map) so that no two vertices connected by an edge (regions sharing a border) have the same color.

  46. color

  47. color, colour

  48. (l), (l)

  49. flush

  50. (l), hue

  51. 1295, R. Lorenzo, ''La traducción gallega de la Crónica General y de la Crónica de Castilla''. Ourense: I.E.O.P.F., page 745:

  52. ''diz que apareçeu ẽno çeo hũa cruz, que era de muytas colores et muy fremosa; et teuerõna os cristãos por muy boo sinal''
    : he says that a cross appeared in the sky, which was of many colors and very beauty; and the Christians considered it a very good sign
  53. flush (gloss)

  54. (apocopic form of)

  55. colour (q), shade; color (q); hue, tint

  56. (Q) and her attendants picked flowers.)

  57. pigment

  58. complexion

  59. outward appearance

  60. (l)

  61. (l), colour

  62. (alternative form of)

  63. color

  64. c. 1200: Almerich, ''de Ultramar|Fazienda de Ultramar'', f. 19r.

  65. &́ vieron la gĺa de iſŕl dedios. Como huebra de blácor. &́ de cristal. ¬ como color de los cielos módos
    : and they saw the glory of the God of Israel, like a work of white and crystal, and like the color of realm of the heavens.
  66. (l) (gl)

  67. (l), colour, hue

  68. (RQ:Acevedo Díaz Ismael)

  69. rouge (gloss)

  70. pretext, motive, reason

  71. character; special quality

  72. {{quote-song|es|year=1992|artist=Los del Río|title=Sevilla tiene un color especial|lyricist=César Cadaval, Miguel Ángel Magüesín

  73. side, party, faction

  74. race, ethnicity

  75. complexion