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complexion englannista suomeksi

  1. puoluekanta

  2. temperamentti

  3. yhtymä

  4. ihonväri

  5. hipiä

  6. värjätä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. ihonväri, hipiä

  3. Verbi

complexion englanniksi

  1. The combination of humours making up one's physiological "temperament", being either hot or cold, and moist or dry.

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  4. “Indeed, sir,” answered the lady, with some warmth, “I cannot think there is anything easier than to cheat an old woman with a profession of love, when her complexion is amorous; and, though she is my aunt, I must say there never was a more liquorish one than her ladyship. (..)
  5. The quality, colour, or appearance of the skin on the face.

  6. (ux)

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  12. The outward appearance of something.

  13. 1910, Bernard Capes, ''Why Did He Do It?'' (page 207)

  14. It was a little unfortunate that the fib unfibbed gave their consultations something the complexion of that close understanding which exists between penitent and confessor.
  15. Outlook, attitude, or of view.

  16. 1844, Edgar Allan Poe|E. A. Poe, ''Marginalia|Marginalia''

  17. But the purely marginal jottings, done with no eye to the Memorandum Book, have a distinct complexion, and not only a distinct purpose, but none at all; this it is which imparts to them a value.
  18. An arrangement.

  19. 1909, Ludwig Boltzmann, translated by Kim Sharp and Franz Matschinsky

  20. Second there is the level at which the energy or velocity components of each molecule are specified. He calls this a Komplexion, which we translate literally as complexion.
  21. To give a colour to.

  22. 2003, Leland Krauth, ''Mark Twain & Company: Six Literary Relations'' (page 118)

  23. From the pale refinement of her genteel heroine to the sallow complexioning of poor white trash, Stowe colors her narrative with the hues of the body.
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  26. (l) (combination of humours making up one's physiological "temperament")