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asset englannista suomeksi

  1. avu, voimavara, valtti, etu

  1. Substantiivi

  2. omaisuuserä, voimavara

  3. resurssi

  4. Verbi

asset englanniksi

  1. Something that has value, especially something that generates cash flows.

  2. ''My assets consists of stocks in companies that pay a dividend, and a few apartments that pay me rental income.''

  3. January 31 2020, (w), Brexit Day speech

  4. And when I look at this country’s incredible assets. Our scientists, our engineers, our world-leading universities, our armed forces. When I look at the potential of this country waiting to be unleashed, I know that we can turn this opportunity into a stunning success.
  5. Any component, model, process or framework of value that can be leveraged or reused.

  6. An asset.

  7. A woman's breasts or buttocks or a man's genitalia.

  8. 2009, Kaitlynn Maguire and Margaret Tingley, ''Serendipitous Moments of Female Sensuality'', p. 27:

  9. Perhaps it is simply common for wives to want their female friends to see their husband nude – especially if he has nice assets. Honestly, I also wanted to see the dick of Brian and Andrew.
  10. 2009, Cheyenne McCray, ''The First Sin: A Lexi Steele Novel'', p. 189:

  11. “Slave Alexi has nice assets.”
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