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buttocks englannista suomeksi

  1. pakarat, takapuoli, takalisto

  1. Substantiivi

buttocks englanniksi

  1. (monikko) en|buttock.

  2. 1707, Brown (satirist)|Thomas Brown, "Moll Quarles's Answer to Mother Creswell of Famous Memory" in ''The Second Volume of the Works of Mr. Tho. Brown, containing Letters from the Dead to the Living both Serious and Comical'', part three, page 184:

  3. At leaſt five Hundred of theſe reforming Vultures are daily plundering our Pockets, and ranſacking our Houſes, leaving me ſometimes not one pair of Tractable Buttocks in my school|Vaulting-School to provide for my Family, or earn me ſo much as a Pudding for my next ''Sundays'' Dinner : ...
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