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  2. gluoni

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  1. A massless boson that binds quarks together to form baryons, mesons and other hadrons and is associated with the nuclear force.

  2. (quote-journal)|author2=Marvin Mattelson|title=The Enigma of Distance|journal=(magazine)|Omni|volume=15|number=2|page=80|passage=Naive realism might ask today: Tell me what space is in itself, not in terms of other things. Tell me what a gluon is at bottom, or a neutrino, or a charge.

  3. (quote-journal)|title=Where Does the Proton Really Get Its Spin?|journal=(w)|volume=48|number=9|doi=10.1063/1.881473|page=24|passage=The so-called spin crisis has had important effects beyond simply confronting theorists with a particularly sharp challenge to their incomplete understanding of quantum chromodynamics, the underlying field theory of quarks and the gluons that mediate their strong interactions.

  4. (quote-journal)|volume=166|number=6|doi=10.2307/4015567|page=90–1|passage=(w) explores the particle realm by taking a different tack. It simulates quark and gluon behaviors by applying the full QCD theory to a tiny grid like facsimile of the space-time in which particles actually interact.

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