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flat englannista suomeksi

  1. selvä

  2. pitkällään, pitkällään oleva

  3. lattea, laimea, tylsä

  4. suoraan

  5. litteä

  6. idätysastia

  7. asunto, huoneisto

  8. tyhjä rengas, puhjennut kumi

  9. eloton

  10. lakea, tasainen

  11. alavireinen, alennettu

  12. taustamaalaus, kulissi

  13. alennusmerkki

  14. tasa-

  15. avotavaravaunu

  16. väljähtynyt

  17. alava maa

  1. litteä, laakea, tasainen

  2. litteä

  3. lattea, monotoninen

  4. tylsä, lattea

  5. alennettu

  6. alavireinen

  7. tyhjä, puhjennut

  8. väljähtynyt

  9. tyhjä

  10. tasaisesti

  11. tylysti

  12. täysin, kokonaan

  13. tasanko, tasanne

  14. alennettu nuotti">alennettu nuotti

  15. puhjennut rengas">puhjennut rengas, tyhjä rengas">tyhjä rengas, rengasrikko

  16. matalakorkoiset (kengät) (monikko) ">matalakorkoiset (kengät) (monikko)

  17. talttasivellin

  18. lape

  19. ropponen

  20. Substantiivi

  21. Verbi

flat englanniksi

  1. Having no variations in height.

  2. (ux)

  3. In a horizontal line or plane; not sloping.

  4. ''a flat roof''

  5. Smooth; having no protrusions, indentations or other surface irregularities, or relatively so.

  6. ''The surface of the mirror must be completely flat.''

    ''The carpet isn't properly flat in that corner.''

    ''She has quite a flat face.''

  7. (quote-book)|title=(w)

  8. Having small or invisible breasts and/or buttocks.

  9. Without variation in level, quantity, value, tone etc.

  10. ''The exchange rate has been flat for several weeks.''

  11. At a consistently depressed level; consistently lacklustre.

  12. ''Sales have been flat all year, and we've barely broken even.''

  13. Of fees, fares etc., fixed; unvarying.

  14. Without variations in pitch.

  15. ''He delivered the speech in a flat tone.''

  16. Without variation in tone or hue; uniform.

  17. ''The walls were painted a flat gray.''

  18. Lacking liveliness or action; depressed; uninteresting; dull and boring.

  19. February 16, 1833, (w), ''Table Talk''

  20. A large part of the work is, to me, very flat.
  21. (RQ:Shakespeare Hamlet)

  22. Lacking in depth, substance, or believability; underdeveloped; one-dimensional.

  23. (ant)

  24. Lowered by one semitone.

  25. Of a note or voice, lower in pitch than it should be.

  26. Absolute; downright; peremptory.

  27. c. 1598, (w), ''(w)'', Act IV, Scene 2,https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Much_Ado_About_Nothing_(Shakespeare)

  28. SECOND WATCH. Marry, that he had received a thousand ducats of Don John for accusing the Lady Hero wrongfully.
    DOGBERRY. Flat burglary as ever was committed
  29. 1602, Marston (poet)|John Marston, ''Antonio and Mellida'', Malone Society Reprint, 1921, Act I, lines 324-326,https://archive.org/details/antonioandmellid00marsuoft

  30. He is made like a tilting staffe; and lookes
    For all the world like an ore-rosted pigge:
    A great ''Tobacco'' taker too, thats flat.
  31. Deflated, especially because of a puncture.

  32. With all or most of its dioxide having come out of solution so that the drink no longer fizzes or contains any bubbles.

  33. Lacking acidity without being sweet.

  34. Unable to emit power; dead.

  35. Without spin; spinless.

  36. sonant; vocal, as distinguished from a sharp (non-sonant) consonant

  37. Not having an inflectional ending or sign, such as a noun used as an adjective, or an adjective as an adverb, without the addition of a formative suffix; or an infinitive without the sign "to".

  38. Having a head at a very angle to the shaft.

  39. Flattening at the ends.

  40. Exact.

  41. ''He finished the race in a flat four minutes.''

  42. So as to be flat.

  43. Bluntly.

  44. Exactly, precisely.

  45. (quote-book)

  46. ''In the mile race, Smith's time was 3:58.56, and Brown's was four minutes flat.''

  47. (qualifier) (non-gloss definition)

  48. Completely.

  49. Directly; flatly.

  50. (RQ:Herbert Templ)

  51. Sin is flat opposite to the Almighty.
  52. Without allowance for accrued interest.

  53. ''The bonds are trading flat.''

  54. An area of level ground.

  55. ''The hovercraft skimmed across the open flats.''

  56. (RQ:Bacon Of Env)

  57. Envy is as the sunbeams that beat hotter upon a bank, or steep rising ground, than upon a flat.
  58. (quote-book)|chapter=3

  59. Level ground in general.

  60. ''I can run on the flat but not up hills.''

    ''The going will be easier once we're through these mountains and onto the flat.''

  61. Level horse-racing ground, as contrasted with courses incorporating jumps, or the racing done on such ground.

  62. ''This horse will do better over the flat.''

    ''flat racing'', ''the flat season''

  63. 2020, Brian Sheerin, ''Racing Post'', "Gordon Elliott maps out summer Flat campaigns for talented jumpers" (article) https://www.racingpost.com/news/gordon-elliott-maps-out-summer-flat-campaigns-for-talented-jumpers/431475

  64. In light of Horse Racing Ireland's Covid-19 contingency plan announcement, that whenever racing resumes the Flat will be given priority, Elliott has decided to keep a number of talented jumpers on the go during the summer, with a view towards a dual-purpose campaign.
  65. 2021 (retrieved), racing365.com, "Flat Racing Explained" https://racing365.com/flat-racing-explained/

  66. In British horse racing, the classics are a series of horse races run over the flat (i.e. without jumps).
  67. (senseid) A note played a semitone lower than a natural, denoted by the symbol placed after the letter representing the note (''e.g.'', B♭) or in front of the note symbol (''e.g.'' ♭♪).

  68. ''The key of E♭ has three flats.''

  69. A flat tyre/tire.

  70. 2012, July 15. Richard Williams in Guardian Unlimited, Tour de France 2012: Carpet tacks cannot force Bradley Wiggins off track

  71. The next one surrendered his bike, only for that, too, to give him a second flat as he started the descent.
  72. A type of ladies' shoes with very low heels.

  73. A type of flat-soled running shoe without spikes.

  74. A thin, broad brush used in oil and watercolor/watercolour painting.

  75. The flat part of something:

  76. The flat side of a blade, as opposed to the sharp edge.

  77. The palm of the hand, with the adjacent part of the fingers.

  78. A wide, shallow container or pallet.

  79. A large mail piece measuring at least 8 1/2 by 11 inches, such as catalogs, magazines, and unfolded paper enclosed in large envelopes.

  80. A railroad car without a roof, and whose body is a platform without sides; a platform car or flatcar.

  81. A flat-bottomed boat, without keel, and of small draught.

  82. A subset of n-dimensional space that is congruent to a space of lower dimension.

  83. A straw hat, broad-brimmed and low-crowned.

  84. A sheet for use on a bed.

  85. 1986, ''New York Magazine'' (volume 19, number 49, page 20)

  86. You might think that Americans buy roughly the same number of fitted sheets as flats. Or, considering the market for electric blankets, duvets, and other covers, that consumers buy even more bottom sheets, simply forgoing the tops.
  87. A platform on a wheel, upon which emblematic designs etc. are carried in processions.

  88. A horizontal vein or ore deposit auxiliary to a main vein; also, any horizontal portion of a vein not elsewhere horizontal(R:Raymond Glossar).

  89. A rectangular wooden structure covered with masonite, lauan, or muslin that depicts a building or other part of a scene, also called backcloth and backdrop.

  90. Any of various hesperiid butterflies that spread their wings open when they land.

  91. An early kind of toy soldier having a flat design.

  92. 2019, Luigi Toiati, ''The History of Toy Soldiers'' (page 78)

  93. Among the many US museums hosting flats, we may mention the Toy Soldier Museum in the Pocono Mountains, supervised by the historian, collector and dealer J. Hillestad.
  94. A dull fellow; a simpleton.

  95. 1836, (w), "The Music-Grinders":

  96. ... if you cannot make a speech,
    Because you are a flat,
    Go very quietly and drop
    A button in the hat!
  97. 1848, (w), ''Vanity Fair'', Chapter 14:

  98. "He fancies he can play at billiards," said he. "I won two hundred of him at the Cocoa-Tree. HE play, the young flat! ..."
  99. To make a call; to call without raising.

  100. To become flat or flattened; to sink or fall to an even surface.

  101. To fall from the pitch.

  102. To depress in tone, as a musical note; especially, to lower in pitch by half a tone.

  103. To make flat; to flatten; to level.

  104. 1764, James Granger, M.D., ''The Sugar-Cane: a Poem. In Four Books. With Notes.'' Book 1, page 44, note to verse 605.

  105. (quote)
  106. To render dull, insipid, or spiritless; to depress.

  107. (RQ:Barrow Sermon)

  108. Passions are allayed, appetites are flatted.
  109. (senseid) An apartment, usually on one level and usually consisting of more than one room.

  110. 1905, Sydney Perks, ''Residential flats of all classes, including artisans' dwellings: a practical treatise on their planning and arrangement, together with chapters on their history, financial matters, etc.,with numerous illustrations'', page 204,

  111. The excellence of French flats is so well known in America, that the owner will often refer to his property as "first class French flats."
  112. 1983, Tai Ching Ling, ''Relocation and Population Planning: A Study of the Implications of Public Housing and Family Planning in Singapore'', Wilfredo F. Arce, Gabriel C. Alvarez (editors), ''Population Change in Southeast Asia'', page 184,

  113. Fifteen percent of this group said that they were not satisfied with the public housing estates and their HDBHousing & Development Board flats (see Tables 11 and 12 respectively).
  114. 2002, MIchael Ottley, ''Briefcase on Company Law'', page 76,

  115. The Greater London Council formed the Estmanco company to manage a block of 60 council-owned flats. The council entered into an agreement with the company to sell off the flats to owner-occupiers.
  116. 2014, Terry Gourvish, ''Dolphin Square: The History of a Unique Building'', page 75,

  117. When the Dolphin Square's flats were first offered to the public in 1936, the South Block was still under construction, and the North Block was a building site.
  118. To beat or strike; pound

  119. To dash or throw

  120. To dash, rush

  121. flat, (l)

  122. (l)

  123. (inflection of)

  124. saucer

  125. flat, apartment

  126. flat (qualifier)

  127. ''Solen reflekterades i spegelns flata yta.''

    The sun was reflected in the flat surface of the mirror.

  128. spineless, being a doormat, abstaining from defending one's convictions

  129. ''Han var alldeles för flat mot chefen, och fick inte heller någon löneökning.''

    He let the manager walk all over him and did not get a raise.