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threat englannista suomeksi

  1. uhka

  2. uhkaus

  3. kauhistus

  1. uhkaus

  2. uhka

threat englanniksi

  1. An expression of intent to injure or punish another.

  2. 1599, (w), ''(w)'', Act 4, Scene 3

  3. There is no terror, Cassius, in your threats.
  4. An indication of potential or imminent danger.

  5. (quote-journal)| passage=Many genes with reproductive roles also have antibacterial and immune functions, which indicate that the threat of microbial attack on the sperm or egg may be a major influence on rapid evolution during reproduction.

  6. A person or object that is regarded as a danger; a menace.

  7. (quote-journal)

  8. To press; urge; compel.

  9. To threaten.

  10. 1590, Edmund Spenser, ''The Faerie Queene'', I.vii:

  11. An hideous Geant horrible and hye, / That with his talnesse seemd to threat the skye (..)
  12. 1599, William Shakespeare|William Shakespeare, ''The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (unsourced edition)/Act V|Julius Caesar'', V. i. 37:

  13. O yes, and soundless too; / For you have stolen their buzzing, Antony, / And very wisely threat before you sting.
  14. To use threats; act or speak menacingly; threaten.