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indication englannista suomeksi

  1. näyttämä

  2. merkki

  3. nimeäminen

  4. hoidon aihe, indikaatio

  1. Substantiivi

indication englanniksi

  1. Act of pointing out or indicating.

  2. That which serves to indicate or point out; mark; token; sign; symptom; evidence.

  3. (RQ:Addison Guardian)

  4. The frequent stops they make in the most convenient places are plain indications of their weariness.
  5. Discovery made; information.

  6. Explanation; display. (rfquotek)

  7. Any symptom or occurrence in a disease, which serves to direct to suitable remedies.

  8. An declared approximation of the price at which a traded security is likely to commence trading.

  9. direction, instruction

  10. indication, sign

  11. indication, information

  12. a hint