suomi-englanti sanakirja

sign englannista suomeksi

  1. rekrytoida, palkata

  2. etumerkki

  3. kilpi, kyltti

  4. tehdä ristinmerkki

  5. viittoa

  6. merkki

  7. viittoma

  8. viesti

  9. tehdä sopimus

  10. ilmoitus

  11. viittoma-

  12. varustaa merkein

  13. kirjoittaa nimi, allekirjoittaa, antaa nimikirjoitus

  14. viittoilla

  15. vahvistaa nimellä

  1. merkki, oire

  2. merkki

  3. jälki

  4. kyltti, kilpi, opaste; merkki, liikennemerkki traffic sign

  5. etumerkki

  6. viittoma

  7. viittomakieli

  8. merkki, ennusmerkki

  9. tunnus

  10. merkki, ele

  11. allekirjoittaa

  12. allekirjoittaa, kirjoittaa nimi">kirjoittaa nimi

  13. rekrytoida

  14. viittoa

sign englanniksi

  1. A fact that shows that something exists or may happen.

  2. (syn)


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  4. A mark or another symbol used to represent something.

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  6. Physical evidence left by an animal.

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  8. A clearly visible object, generally flat, bearing a short message in words or pictures.

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  10. A wonder; miracle; prodigy.

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  12. An sign.

  13. Positive or negative polarity, as denoted by the + or - sign.

  14. A specific gesture or motion used to communicate by those with speaking or hearing difficulties; now specifically, a linguistic unit in language equivalent to word in spoken languages.

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  17. language|Sign language in general.

  18. A semantic unit, something that conveys meaning or information (e.g. a word of written language); a unit consisting of a signifier and a signified concept. (q)

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  22. An omen.

  23. A property of the body that indicates a disease and, unlike a symptom, can be detected objectively by someone other than the patient.

  24. A military emblem carried on a banner or standard.

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  26. To make a mark

  27. To seal (a document etc.) with an identifying seal or symbol. (defdate)

  28. To mark, to put or leave a mark on. (defdate)

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  30. To validate or ratify (a document) by writing one's signature on it. (defdate)

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  32. More generally, to write one's signature on (something) as a means of identification etc. (defdate)

  33. To write (one's name) as a signature. (defdate)

  34. To write one's signature. (defdate)

  35. To finalise a contractual agreement to work for a given sports team, record label etc. (defdate)

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  37. Agents say Wales back (w) has signed for Cardiff Blues.
  38. To engage (a sports player, musician etc.) in a contract. (defdate)

  39. ''It was a great month. I managed to sign three major players.''

  40. To make the sign of the cross

  41. To bless (someone or something) with the of the cross; to mark with the sign of the cross. (defdate)

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  44. To cross oneself. (defdate)

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  46. To indicate

  47. To communicate using a gesture or signal. (defdate)

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  49. To communicate or make known (a meaning, intention, etc.) by a sign.

  50. To communicate using gestures to (someone). (defdate)

  51. (senseid) To use language. (defdate)

  52. To furnish (a road etc.) with signs. (defdate)

  53. To determine the sign of

  54. To calculate or derive whether a quantity has a positive or negative sign.