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cross englannista suomeksi

  1. kulkea

  2. ristikkäinen, risti-

  3. estää

  4. mennä ristiin

  5. ärtynyt, vihainen, kiukkuinen

  6. risti

  7. risteytys

  8. vetää viiva yli

  9. kärsimys

  10. risteyttää

  11. ristiä

  12. leikata

  13. kohdata

  1. Substantiivi

  2. risti, rasti like X

  3. risti

  4. risti, ristinpuu

  5. ristinmerkki, risti

  6. risteymä

  7. suora

  8. poikittainen, poikittaissuuntainen, ristikkäinen

  9. vastakkainen, käänteinen, ristikkäinen

  10. vihainen, ärtynyt, äreä, pahantuulinen

  11. Verbi

  12. rastia

  13. ylittää a narrow thing, mennä yli">mennä yli a narrow thing, mennä poikki">mennä poikki e.g., a room

  14. ristetä

  15. astua tielle">astua tielle, sekaantua

  16. tehdä ristinmerkki">tehdä ristinmerkki

  17. risteyttää

cross englanniksi

  1. Cross

  1. A geometrical figure consisting of two straight lines or bars intersecting each other such that at least one of them is bisected by the other.

  2. (ux)

  3. Any geometric figure having this or a similar shape, such as a of Lorraine or a cross.

  4. A wooden post with a perpendicular beam attached and used (especially in the Roman Empire) to execute criminals (by crucifixion).

  5. ''Usually with'' the: the cross on which Christ was crucified.

  6. (RQ:Scott Don Roderick)

  7. A hand gesture made in imitation of the shape of the Cross.

  8. A modified representation of the crucifixion stake, worn as jewellery or displayed as a symbol of religious devotion.

  9. (''figurative, from Christ's bearing of the cross'') A difficult situation that must be endured.

  10. {{quote-text|en|year=1641|author=Ben Jonson|title=Timber

  11. The act of going across; the act of passing from one side to the other

  12. An animal or plant produced by crossbreeding or cross-fertilization.

  13. A hybrid of any kind.

  14. {{quote-text|en|year=1856|author=Lord Dufferin|title=Letters from High Latitudes

  15. A hook thrown over the opponent's punch.

  16. A pass in which the ball is kicked from a side of the pitch to a position close to the opponent’s goal.

  17. (quote-journal)

  18. A place where roads intersect and lead off in four directions; a crossroad (common in UK and Irish place names such as ''Gerrards Cross'').

  19. A monument that marks such a place. (Also common in UK or Irish place names such as ''Charing Cross'')

  20. A coin stamped with the figure of a cross, or that side of such a piece on which the cross is stamped; hence, money in general.

  21. (RQ:Shakespeare As You Like It)

  22. Church lands.

  23. (quote-text)|title=Discoverie of the True Causes why Ireland was never entirely subdued

  24. A line drawn across or through another line.

  25. An instrument for laying of offsets perpendicular to the main course.

  26. A pipe-fitting with four branches whose axes usually form a angle.

  27. Four edge cubies of one side that are in their right places, forming the shape of a cross.

  28. The thirty-sixth Lenormand card.

  29. crossfire.

  30. Transverse; lying across the main direction.

  31. ''At the end of each row were cross benches which linked the rows.''

  32. {{RQ:Newton Opticks

  33. Opposite, opposed to.

  34. ''His actions were perversely cross to his own happiness.''

  35. Opposing, adverse; being contrary to what one would hope or wish for.

  36. (RQ:Burton Melancholy), New York Review of Books, 2001, p.50:

  37. As a fat body is more subject to diseases, so are rich men to absurdities and fooleries, to many casualties and cross inconveniences.
  38. {{quote-text|en|year=c. 1650|author=Jeremy Taylor|title=Of Contentedness

  39. (RQ:Glanvill Scepsis Scientifica)

  40. 1694, (w), ''Christianity Mysterious, and the Wisdom of God in Making it So'' (sermon preached at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 1694)

  41. The article of the resurrection seems to lie marvellously cross to the common experience of mankind.
  42. (RQ:Dryden Aureng-zebe)

  43. Bad-tempered, angry, annoyed.

  44. ''She was rather cross about missing her train on the first day of the job.''

    ''Please don't get cross at me.'' (or) ''Please don't get cross with me.''

  45. 1650/1651, (w), ''The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living''

  46. He had received a cross answer from his mistress.
  47. Made in an opposite direction, or an inverse relation; mutually inverse; interchanged.

  48. ''cross interrogatories''

    ''cross marriages, as when a brother and sister marry persons standing in the same relation to each other''

  49. Of the sea, having two wave systems traveling at oblique angles, due to the wind over shifting direction or the waves of two storm systems meeting.

  50. (quote-book)

  51. across

  52. (RQ:L'Estrange Fables of Aesop)

  53. product of the previous vector and the following vector.

  54. To make or form a cross.

  55. To place across or athwart; to cause to intersect.

  56. To lay or draw something across, such as a line.

  57. To mark with an X.

  58. To write lines of text at right angles to and over the top of one another in order to save paper.(w)

  59. (RQ:Christie Autobiography)

  60. To make the of the cross over oneself.

  61. To make the sign of the cross over (something or someone).

  62. To move relatively.

  63. To go from one side of (something) to the other.

  64. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)

  65. To travel in a direction or path that will intersect with that of another.

  66. To pass, as objects going in an opposite direction at the same time.

  67. November 4, 1866, (w), ''letter to E. C. Batten Esq.''

  68. Your kind letter crossed mine.
  69. Relative movement by a player or of players.

  70. Of both batsmen, to pass each other when running between the wickets in order to score runs.

  71. To pass the ball from one side of the pitch to the other side.

  72. To score a try.

  73. To oppose.

  74. To contradict (another) or frustrate the plans of.

  75. (RQ:Dickens David Copperfield)

  76. (quote-song)

  77. To interfere and off ; to debar.

  78. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 6-3)

  79. To conduct a examination; to question a witness.

  80. To cross-fertilize or crossbreed.

  81. To stamp or mark (a cheque) in such a way as to prevent it being cashed, thus requiring it to be deposited into a bank account.

  82. {{quote-text|en|year=1924|title=Commerce Reports|volume=1|issue=13|page=849

  83. (alternative spelling of)

  84. cross-country

  85. motocross

  86. (l) (boxing punch, tennis shot)

  87. slice (golf shot)

  88. A (l) or gibbet (gloss).

  89. The Cross; Christ's cross.

  90. A representation of a (l); the cross as a Christian symbol:

  91. A (l) in heraldry.

  92. A crucifix (gloss).

  93. A crosier (gloss)

  94. The intersection of drawn lines, especially as a signature.

  95. (n-g)

  96. Crucifixion; nailing to a (l).

  97. Suffering, penury.

  98. Christianity; the Christian religion.

  99. The of the cross.