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row englannista suomeksi

  1. kerros

  2. soutu

  3. rivi

  4. riita

  5. soutaa

  6. peräkkäin

  1. rivi

  2. soutaa

  3. soutu

  4. riita, rähinä

  5. meteli, rähinä

  6. riidellä

  7. Substantiivi

  8. Verbi

row englanniksi

  1. A line of objects, often regularly spaced, such as seats in a theatre, vegetable plants in a garden etc.

  2. (RQ:KJV)

  3. (RQ:Milton Poems)

  4. (quote-book)|chapter=5

  5. A horizontal line of entries in a table, etc., going from left to right, as opposed to a column going from top to bottom.

  6. (ant)

  7. To propel (a boat or other craft) over water using oars.

  8. (syn)

  9. To transport in a boat propelled with oars.

  10. (ux)

  11. To be moved by oars.

  12. ''The boat rows easily.''

  13. An act or instance of rowing.

  14. An exercise performed with a pulling motion of the arms towards the back.

  15. A noisy argument.

  16. (quote-book)|chapter=22|title=The Mirror and the Lamp|passage=In the autumn there was a row at some cement works about the unskilled labour men. A union had just been started for them and all but a few joined. One of these blacklegs was laid for by a picket and knocked out of time.

  17. (quote-book)|title=The Inimitable Jeeves|text=As a rule, you see, I'm not lugged into Family Rows. On the occasions when Aunt is calling to Aunt like mastodons bellowing across primeval swamps and Uncle James's letter about Cousin Mabel's peculiar behaviour is being shot round the family circle... the clan has a tendency to ignore me.

  18. (quote-book)|title=(w)|chapter=18|url=|passage=‘Then the father has a great fight with his terrible conscience,’ said Munday with granite seriousness. ‘Should he make a row with the police ? Or should he say nothing about it and condone brutality for fear of appearing in the newspapers?

  19. (quote-book)|title=The Liar|p=27|text=(..)he wrote to me last week telling me about an incredible bitch of a row blazing there on account of someone having been and gone and produced an unofficial magazine called ''Raddled'', full of obscene libellous (magazine)|Oz-like filth. And what I though, what Sammy and I thought, was—why not?

  20. A continual loud noise.

  21. to argue noisily

  22. grave

  23. was, were (qualifier)

  24. (l) row (l) (l) er.

  25. *''He was not in the least afraid.''

  26. (l) eh dy row eh (l) y (l).

  27. *''He claimed that he was the son of the king.''

  28. quiet, rest, calm

  29. roll

  30. rook (bird)

  31. raven