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rotation englannista suomeksi

  1. kierto

  2. pyöriminen, pyörimisliike

  1. Substantiivi

  2. pyöriminen

  3. pyörähdys

  4. kierto

rotation englanniksi

  1. The act of turning around a centre or an axis.

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  3. ''The earth's rotation about its axis is responsible for its being slightly oblate rather than a sphere.''

  4. A single complete cycle around a centre or an axis.

  5. ''Earth's moon completes a rotation every twenty-seven days or so.''

  6. A regular variation in a sequence, such as to even-out wear, or people taking turns in a task; a duty roster.

  7. ''Applying rotation to a field avoids depleting soil nutrients the way repeated use of a single crop might do.''

    ''In rotation, each member of the group would be responsible for the beacon fire.''

    ''The medical resident finished a two-week rotation in pediatrics and began one in orthopaedics.''

  8. An operation on a space that is a continuous isometry and fixes at least one point.

  9. ''The function mapping (''x'',''y'') to (''&x2212;y'',''x'') is a rotation.''

  10. The set of pitchers of a team.

  11. The step during takeoff when the pilot commands the vehicle to lift the nose wheel off the ground during the takeoff roll. (see also: V2)

  12. Repeated play on a station, etc.

  13. ''The new single enjoyed heavy rotation on MTV.''

  14. rotation

  15. act of turning a physical object or a system around a center or an axis