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pound englannista suomeksi

  1. pauna, naula

  2. tarhata

  3. tömistellä

  4. punta

  5. jauhaa, murskata

  6. jakaa

  7. punnan merkki

  8. hakata

  9. hakkaaminen

  10. troy-pauna

  11. koiratarha, eläinkoti

  12. jyskyttää

  13. sulkea

  1. naula, pauna

  2. troy-naula

  3. punta

  4. eläinkoti

  5. takavarikkoalue

  6. sulkuallas

  7. takoa, rusikoida

  8. murskata

  9. imaista

  10. pommittaa

  11. hakata, jyskyttää

  12. ryskyttää

  13. marssia

  14. jyskyttää

  15. isku

  16. Substantiivi

pound englanniksi

  1. Pound

  1. A unit of mass equal to 16 avoirdupois ounces (= 453.592 37 g). Today this value is the most common meaning of "pound" as a unit of weight.

  2. (quote-journal)

  3. (syn)

  4. A unit of mass equal to 12 weight|troy ounces (≈ 373.242 g). Today, this is a common unit of weight when measuring precious metals, and is little used elsewhere.

  5. The symbol (unsupported) (octothorpe, hash)

  6. The unit of currency used in the United Kingdom and its dependencies. It is divided into 100 pence.

  7. (quote-book)|title=The Mill on the Floss|volume_plain=book 5|chapter=6|passage="Only a hundred and ninety-three pound," said Mr. Tulliver. "You've brought less o' late; but young fellows like to have their own way with their money. Though I didn't do as I liked before I was of age." He spoke with rather timid discontent.

  8. Any of various units of currency used in Egypt and Lebanon, and formerly in the Republic of Ireland, Cyprus and Israel.

  9. (RQ:Joyce Ulysses)

  10. Any of various units of currency formerly used in the States.

  11. (ux)

  12. (quote-book)

  13. Abbreviation for pound-force, a unit of force/weight. Using this abbreviation to describe pound-force is inaccurate and unscientific.

  14. A place for the detention of stray or wandering animals.

  15. The people who work for the pound.

  16. (quote-av)|time=00:27:30|passage=(Police officer to a dog owner) "He'd better stay calm or I'll have the pound come and get him."

  17. A place for the detention of automobiles that have been illegally parked, abandoned, etc. Short form of impound.

  18. (quote-av)|publisher=Paramount Pictures|passage=Inspector Douglas Todd: Where did you get a truckload of cigarettes from anyway? / Detective Axel Foley: From the Dearborn Hijacking. / Todd: The Dearborn Hijacking? That bust went down weeks ago. That load's supposed to be in the damn pound!

  19. A section of a canal between two adjacent locks.

  20. A kind of fishing net, having a large enclosure with a narrow entrance into which fish are directed by wings spreading outward.

  21. a division inside a fishing stage where cod is cured in salt brine

  22. To confine in, or as in, a pound; to impound.

  23. (c.) anonymous, “(w)” in ''Giles Earle his Booke'' (British Museum, Additional MSS. 24, 665):

  24. When I short haue shorne my sowce face& swigg’d my horny barrell,In an oaken Inne I pound my skinas a suite of guilt apparrell
  25. (quote-book)|title=(w); A speech of Mr. John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicenc’d Printing, to the Parlament of England|passage=And he who were pleasantly disposed, could not well avoid to liken it to the exploit of that gallant man, who thought to pound up the crows by shutting his park gate.

  26. To strike hard, usually repeatedly.

  27. (quote-book)|chapter=12

  28. (quote-song)

  29. To crush to pieces; to pulverize.

  30. To eat or drink very quickly.

  31. To pitch consistently to a certain location.

  32. To beat strongly or throb.

  33. To penetrate sexually, with vigour.

  34. To advance heavily with measured steps.

  35. (RQ:Conrad Heart of Darkness)

  36. To make a jarring noise, as when running.

  37. To wager a pound on.

  38. A hard blow.

  39. A measurement for weight, most notably the Tower pound, merchant's pound or pound avoirdupois, or a weight of said measurement.

  40. A (l) or other silver coin (including ancient coins), weighing one Tower pound of silver.

  41. Money or coinage in general, especially a great amount of it.