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milk englannista suomeksi

  1. lypsää

  2. käyttää hyväksi

  3. maito

  4. lisätä maitoa

  1. lypsää

  2. lypsää, valuttaa

  3. pyöritellä

  4. kiehua

  5. Substantiivi

milk englanniksi

  1. Milk

  1. A white liquid produced by the glands of female mammals to nourish their young. From certain animals, especially cows, it is also called dairy milk and is a common food for humans as a beverage or used to produce various products such as butter, cheese, and yogurt.

  2. (syn)


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  4. (..)there's going to be that much less milk available to cover any other uses. Which means whether it's liquid milk or whether it's milk that's been turned into cheese or yogurt, the price gets pulled up right across the board.
  5. (quote-book)|year=2017|ISBN=9781615194049|publisher=The Experiment|passage=In the West it's' fairly normal to drink milk in various forms into adulthood.|page=75

  6. A white (or whitish) liquid obtained from a vegetable source such as almonds, coconuts, oats, rice, and/or beans.

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  8. An individual serving of milk.

  9. (ux) (Formally: The guests at table three ordered three glasses of milk.)

  10. An individual portion of milk, such as found in a creamer, for tea and coffee.

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  12. She just sat there drinking cup after cup of strong coffee, with two milks and two sugars.
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  14. Five minutes later, he returned with Justin&39;s large coffee with two milk and two sweeteners and a black coffee for himself.
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  16. Mrs. Dale huffed up to the counter and fired her battle-axe stare at the attendant. “One medium tea. ... Two double-doubles, and one with two milk and two sweeteners.”
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  18. She placed on her desk a brown paper bag; it held her breakfast, cream cheese on a toasted bagel and coffee with two milks and one sugar.
  19. The ripe, undischarged spat of an oyster.

  20. Semen.

  21. To express milk from (a mammal, especially a cow).

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  23. To draw (milk) from the breasts or udder.

  24. To express any liquid (from any creature).

  25. To make excessive use of (a particular point in speech or writing, a source of funds, etc.); to exploit; to advantage of (something).

  26. July 21, 1877, "The Block in the Courts" in ''The Spectator''

  27. They lawyers milk an unfortunate estate as regularly as a dairyman does his stock.
  28. (quote-journal) (London)| date=27 August 2018| url=| passage=If nothing else, (w) can be grateful there was no mutiny. He still heard his name being sung and at the final whistle (w) was not too unkind on the manager or his players. He milked it, too, marching over to the Stretford End to thank them for their generosity.

  29. To give off small gas bubbles during the final part of the charging operation.

  30. To single-mindedly masturbate a male to ejaculation, especially for the amusement and/or satisfaction of the masturbator/trix rather than the person masturbated.

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  32. milk