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if englanniksi

  1. Supposing that, assuming that, in the circumstances that; (non-gloss definition)

  2. ''If it rains, I shall get wet''.

    ''I'll do it next year —if at all.''

  3. In the event that a statement is true (a programming statement that acts in a similar manner).

  4. ''If A, then B, else C.''

  5. Supposing that; (non-gloss definition)

  6. ''I would prefer it if you took your shoes off.''

    ''I would be unhappy if you had not talked with me yesterday.''

    ''If I were you, I wouldn't go there alone.''

  7. Supposing that; that; supposing it is the case that.

  8. ''If that's true, we had better get moving!''

  9. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)

  10. Although; (non-gloss definition)

  11. ''He was a great friend, if a little stingy at the bar.''

    ''She won her team's admiration, if not its award, for her performance.''

  12. Whether; (non-gloss definition)

  13. ''I don't know if I want to go or not.''

  14. 1715–1717, (w), ''Alma; or, The Progress of the Mind'', Canto III:

  15. Quoth Matthew, “(..) / She doubts if two and two make four, / (..)
  16. 1976, Michael Harrison, ''Beyond Baker Street: A Sherlockian Anthology'' (page 117)

  17. It is doubtful if the Victorian Londoner needed any warning, for the artful mobsmen, toolers, whizzers and dippers, together with their stickman accomplices, were everywhere in the crowds, in the underground, on railway trains (..)
  18. Even if; even in the circumstances that.

  19. 1837-39, (w), ''(w)''

  20. “Wait a minute!” said the girl: “I wouldn’t hurry by, if it was you that was coming out to be hung, the next time eight o’clock struck, Bill. I’d walk round and round the place till I dropped, if the snow was on the ground, and I hadn’t a shawl to cover me.”
  21. 2004, (w) and Kim Tribble (writers), (w) (singers), “If It’s The Last Thing I Do” (song), in ''You Do Your Thing'' (album):

  22. If it’s the last thing I do / If it takes me from Tubilo to Timbuktu / If it’s the last thing I do / I’m gonna dodge every road block, speed trap, county cop / To get my hands on you / If it’s the last thing I do.
  23. (non-gloss definition)

  24. I have leftover cake if you want some.

  25. An uncertainty, possibility, condition, doubt etc.

  26. 1709, Susannah Centlivre, ''The Busy Body'', Act III, in John Bell (ed.), ''British Theater'', J. Bell (1791), page 59,

  27. ''Sir Fran.'' Nay, but Chargy, if——— ¶ ''Miran.'' Nay, Gardy, no Ifs.——Have I refus'd three northern lords, two British peers, and half a score knights, to have put in your Ifs?
  28. 1791 January, "Richardſon’s ''Chemical Principles of the Metallic Arts''", in ''The Monthly Review'', R. Griffiths, page 176,

  29. Well might Bergman add, (in his ''Sciographia,''), “if the compariſon that has been made, &c. be juſt.” The preſent writer makes no ''ifs'' about the matter, and has ſuperadded a little inaccuracy of his own,
  30. {{quote-journal|en|date=April 9, 2013|author=Andrei Lankov|title=Stay Cool. Call North Korea’s Bluff.|work=New York Times|url=http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/10/opinion/stay-cool-call-north-koreas-bluff.html?_r=0

  31. yew

  32. "what-if" alternative history (q) / events (q)

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  34. (l), on condition that

  35. yew

  36. yew wood

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