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condition englannista suomeksi

  1. ehdollistaa

  2. tila, vointi, olo

  3. sanella, määrätä

  4. sairaus

  5. olosuhteet

  6. ehto

  7. käyttää hoitoainetta

  8. edellytys

  9. kunnostaa

  10. kasvattaa

  1. Substantiivi

  2. ehto, edellytys

  3. ehto, edellytys, vaatimus, vaade

  4. vointi, tila, olo, kondis informal, kunto informal (e.g. when asked from a patient mikä sun kunto on?)

  5. sairaus, huono terveydentila

  6. tila, kunto (e.g. jalka on huonossa kunnossa), kondis informal, happi informal, humoristic (e.g. Matti on huonossa hapessa)

  7. Verbi

  8. sopeutua, mukautua

  9. sopeuttaa

  10. ehdollistaa

condition englanniksi

  1. A state or quality.

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)

  4. A particular state of being.

  5. The situation of a person or persons, particularly their social and/or economic class, rank.

  6. (RQ:Fielding Tom Jones)

  7. The health status of a medical patient.

  8. (synonyms)

  9. A certain abnormal state of health; a malady or sickness.

  10. A requirement.

  11. A logical clause or phrase that a conditional statement uses. The phrase can either be true or false.

  12. A clause in a contract or agreement indicating that a certain contingency may modify the principal obligation in some way.

  13. To subject to the process of acclimation.

  14. To subject to different conditions, especially as an exercise.

  15. To make dependent on a condition to be fulfilled; to make conditional on.

  16. To place conditions or limitations upon.

  17. (RQ:Tennyson Poems 1842)

  18. To shape the behaviour of someone to do something.

  19. To treat (the hair) with conditioner.

  20. To contract; to stipulate; to agree.

  21. (RQ:Beaumont Fletcher Comedies and Tragedies)

  22. (RQ:Raleigh Historie of the World)|section=V (Of the Three Chiefest Iupiters; and the Strange Storie of the Third)|page=88|passage=It was conditioned betweene ''Saturne'' and ''Titan'', that ''Saturne'' being a yonger brother, and raigning (for his owne life), by ''Titans'' permiſſion, he ſhould put to death all his male children, leaſt the ''Titans'' might be interrupted by any of them in their ſucceſſion; which agreement becauſe ''Saturne'' performed in his firſt borne, it is fained that ''Saturne'' deuoured his owne children.

  23. To test or assay, as silk (to ascertain the proportion of moisture it contains).

  24. (quote-journal)

  25. To put under conditions; to require to pass a new examination or to make up a specified study, as a condition of remaining in one's class or in college.

  26. To impose upon an object those relations or conditions without which knowledge and thought are alleged to be impossible.

  27. (quote-book)

  28. term, (l)

  29. (coi)

  30. (l), state

  31. status, of life

  32. (uxi)

  33. conditions

  34. (l) (gloss)