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term englannista suomeksi

  1. aika, ajanjakso

  2. täysiaikaisuus

  3. termi

  4. ehto

  5. rajakivi

  6. määritellä

  7. lausekkeen jäsen

  1. ehto

  2. termi

  3. suhde, välit (monikko)

  4. lukukausi

  5. kausi

  6. toimikausi

  7. Substantiivi

term englanniksi

  1. That which limits the extent of anything; limit, extremity, bound, boundary.

  2. (RQ:Bacon Sylva Sylvarum)

  3. (ux)

  4. A chronological limitation or restriction.

  5. Any of the binding conditions or promises in a legal contract.

  6. A point, line, or superficies that limits.

  7. ''A line is the term of a superficies, and a superficies is the term of a solid.''

  8. A word or phrase, especially one from a specialised area of knowledge.

  9. ''"Algorithm" is a term used in computer science.''

  10. Relations among people.

  11. (quote-book)|chapter=22| title=The Mirror and the Lamp| passage=Not unnaturally, “Auntie” took this communication in bad part.(..)Next day she(..)tried to recover her ward by the hair of the head. Then, thwarted, the wretched creature went to the police for help; she was versed in the law, and had perhaps spared no pains to keep on good terms with the local constabulary.

  12. Part of a year, especially one of the three parts of an year.

  13. Duration of a set length; period in office of fixed length.

  14. The time during which legal courts are open.

  15. Certain days on which rent is paid.

  16. With respect to a pregnancy, the period during which birth usually happens (approximately 40 weeks from conception).

  17. The maximum period during which the patent can be maintained into force.

  18. A menstrual period.

  19. 1660, (w), Diary

  20. My wife, after the absence of her terms for seven weeks, gave me hopes of her being with child, but on the last day of the year she hath them again.
  21. Any value (variable or constant) or expression separated from another term by a space or an appropriate character, in an overall expression or table.

  22. The subject or the predicate of a proposition; one of the three component parts of a syllogism, each one of which is used twice.

  23. (RQ:Hamilton M)

  24. The subject and predicate of a proposition are, after Aristotle, together called its terms or extremes.
  25. An dignity in which unequal segments of every astrological sign have internal rulerships which affect the power and integrity of each planet in a chart.

  26. A statue of the upper body, sometimes without the arms, ending in a pillar or pedestal. (defdate)

  27. *1773, (w), in (w), (w) (eds.), ''The Letters of Sir Joshua Reynolds'', Yale 2000, p. 42:

  28. You have been already informed, I have no doubt, of the subject which we have chosen: the adorning a Term of Hymen with festoons of flowers.
  29. A piece of carved work placed under each end of the taffrail.

  30. ''The Cabin is large and commodious, well calculated for the Accommodation of Paſengers. Merchandiſe, Produce, &c. carried on the loweſt Terms.''https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ea/Packet_Schooner.jpg

  31. To phrase a certain way; to name or call.

  32. (quote-book)|title=a New List of Categories|On a New List of Categories|year=1867

  33. (quote-journal)

  34. Born or delivered at term.

  35. A computer program that emulates a physical terminal.

  36. To terminate one's employment

  37. One whose employment has been terminated

  38. foundation, plot of land

  39. term; A word or phrase, especially one from a specialised area of knowledge.

  40. term; One of the addends in a sum

  41. a (l) (q)

  42. a term(R:Rikstermbanken) (a well-defined word or phrase, in a terminology)

  43. a term(R:Rikstermbanken) (an operand in addition or subtraction)

  44. (inflection of) (a facility for bathing in ancient Rome)