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deliver englannista suomeksi

  1. luovuttaa

  2. antaa

  3. pitää, pitää puhe

  4. vapahtaa, vapauttaa

  5. syöttää

  6. päästää, tuoda julki

  7. synnyttää

  8. toimittaa, kuljettaa

  9. esittää

  1. Verbi

  2. vapauttaa, päästää vapaaksi">päästää vapaaksi

  3. avustaa synnytyksessä">avustaa synnytyksessä

  4. auttaa maailmaan">auttaa maailmaan, avustaa synnytyksessä">avustaa synnytyksessä

  5. synnyttää

  6. vapauttaa

  7. viedä perille">viedä perille, toimittaa

  8. luovuttaa

  9. pitää puhe to deliver a speech; kertoa, puhua

  10. lyödä to deliver a blow; tirauttaa kyyneleitä">tirauttaa kyyneleitä to deliver tears; heittää to throw; paiskata to throw with force

  11. päästää

  12. annostella

deliver englanniksi

  1. To free from restraint or danger.

  2. (ux)


  3. To do with birth.

  4. To assist in the birth of.

  5. To assist (a female) in bearing, that is, in bringing forth (a child).

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  7. Sche was delivered sauf and sone
  8. To give birth to.

  9. To free from or disburden of anything.

  10. 1622, (w), ''The Compleat Gentleman''

  11. Tully was long ere he could be delivered of a few verses, and those poor ones.
  12. To bring or transport something to its destination.

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  14. To over or surrender (someone or something) to another.

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  18. To produce what was expected or required.

  19. 2004, Detroit News, ''Detroit Pistons: Champions at Work'' (page 86)

  20. "You know, he plays great sometimes when he doesn't score," Brown said. "Tonight, with Rip (Richard Hamilton) struggling, we needed somebody to step up, and he really did. He really delivered."
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  22. To express in words or vocalizations, declare, utter, or vocalize.

  23. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity) They left me with the impression of a well-delivered stereopticon lecture, with characters about as life-like as the shadows on the screen, and whisking on and off, at the mercy of the operator.

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  25. (quote-journal) masterminds historic Scotland victory over England|url=|archiveurl=|archivedate=22 April 2018|newspaper=(w)|location=London|date=24 February 2018|passage=England went into the interval 22-6 down, a second Farrell|Owen Farrell penalty their only response to Scotland’s burst of tries. They had not conceded more points in a Six Nations match in the Jones (rugby union)|Eddie Jones era and when the whistle blew for the interval, (w) formed his players into a circle to deliver a rallying cry.

  26. To give forth in action or exercise; to discharge.

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  28. (RQ:Scott Peveril of the Peak) thinks to attain the jack by delivering his bowl straight forward.

  29. To discover; to show.

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  31. To administer a drug.

  32. Capable, agile, or active.

  33. 1562, (w), ''The Life of Cardinal Wolsey'':

  34. Therefore my policy and advice shall be this: That about the dead time of the night, when our enemies be most quiet at rest, there shall issue from us a number of the most deliverest soldiers to assault their camp; who shall give the assault right secretly, even directly against the entry of the camp, which is almost invincible.
  35. 1887, (w), ''The Mediation of Ralph Hardelot'':

  36. "More skillful!" interrupted the host. "He is the most deliver at that exercise I have ever set eyes on."