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land englannista suomeksi

  1. kansalaiset

  2. saapua, nousta maihin

  3. maa

  4. sälyttää, välittää

  5. maailma

  6. kansakunta

  7. saattaa

  8. laskeutua

  9. päästä maihin

  10. maanviljelys

  11. maaperä

  12. saada maahan

  13. tilukset

  14. ampua alas

  1. maa

  2. kotimaa, kotiseutu

  3. johdinkuvio

  4. tasanko

  5. harja

  6. laskeutua

  7. asettua

  8. nousta maihin

  9. tuoda maihin">tuoda maihin; laskeutua of aircraft

  10. Substantiivi

land englanniksi

  1. Land

  1. The part of Earth which is not covered by oceans or other bodies of water.

  2. ''Most insects live on land.''

  3. estate|Real estate or landed property; a partitioned and measurable area which is owned and acquired and on which buildings and structures can be built and erected.

  4. ''There are 50 acres of land in this estate.''

  5. A country or region.

  6. ''They come from a faraway land.''

  7. A person's country of origin and/or homeplace; homeland.

  8. The soil, in respect to its nature or quality for farming.

  9. ''wet land; good or bad land for growing potatoes''

  10. realm, domain.

  11. ''I'm going to Disneyland.''

    ''Maybe that's how it works in TV-land, but not in the real world.''

  12. The ground left unploughed between furrows; any of several portions into which a field is divided for ploughing.

  13. A shock or fright.

  14. ''He got an awful land when the police arrived.''

  15. A conducting area on a board or chip which can be used for connecting wires.

  16. On a disc or similar recording medium, an area of the medium which does not have pits.

  17. 1935, H. Courtney Bryson, ''The Gramophone Record'' (page 72)

  18. Now, assume that the recording is being done with 100 grooves per inch, and that the record groove is .006 inch wide. This means that the land on either side on any given groove in the absence of sound waves is .004 inch.
  19. The non-airline portion of an itinerary. Hotel, tours, cruises, etc.

  20. ''Our city offices sell a lot more land than our suburban offices.''

  21. The ground or floor.

  22. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)

  23. The lap of the strakes in a clinker-built boat; the lap of plates in an iron vessel; called also landing(R:Knight AM).

  24. In any surface prepared with indentations, perforations, or grooves, that part of the surface which is not so treated, such as the level part of a millstone between the furrows.

  25. The space between the rifling grooves in a gun.

  26. (quote-book)

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  28. A group of dwellings or tenements under one roof and having a common entry.

  29. To descend to a surface, especially from the air.

  30. ''The plane is about to land''.

  31. To alight, to descend from a vehicle.

  32. 1859, “Rules adopted by the Sixth Avenue Railway, N. Y.”, quoted in Alexander Easton, ''A Practical Treatise on Street or Horse-Power Railways'', page 108:

  33. 10. You will be civil and attentive to passengers, giving proper assistance to ladies and children getting in or out, and never start the car before passengers are fairly received or landed.
  34. To come into rest.

  35. To arrive on land, especially a shore or dock, from a body of water.

  36. To bring to land.

  37. ''It can be tricky to land a helicopter''.

    ''Use the net to land the fish.''

  38. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 6-3)

  39. To capture or arrest.

  40. (quote-journal)

  41. To acquire; to secure.

  42. To succeed in having sexual relations with; to score

  43. ''Too ugly to ever land a chick''

  44. (''of a blow'') To deliver.

  45. ''If you land a knockout blow, you’ll win the match''

  46. (''of a punch'') To connect

  47. ''If the punches land, you might lose a few teeth!''

  48. To go down well with an audience.

  49. ''Some of the comedian's jokes failed to land.''

  50. lant; urine

  51. country; nation

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  57. (l); country

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  61. coast

  62. country, nation

  63. ground, soil

  64. the state

  65. urine

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  67. land, earth, ground (part of the Earth not under water)

  68. country

  69. (ux)

  70. countryside, country

  71. land, as a mass noun, measurable in quantity

  72. tracts of land, an estate

  73. (alt form)

  74. country

  75. (imperative of)

  76. ''Noreg er eit land i nord.''

    Norway is a country in the north.

  77. urine from livestock

  78. land

  79. 1241, ''Codex Holmiensis'', prologue.

  80. Mæth logh skal land byggæs.
    : ''With law shall land be built.''
  81. land (dry portion of the Earth's surface)

  82. a country

  83. region within a country: district, province

  84. the country, countryside

  85. owned or tilled land, an estate

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  88. countryside (gl)

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  90. (l) (gl)

  91. one of the federal states of Germany

  92. {{quote-web

  93. a land, a country, a nation, a state

  94. land, ground, earth, territory; as opposed to sea or air

  95. (uxi)

  96. land, countryside, earth, ground suitable for farming; as opposed to towns and cities

  97. a garden plot, ''short for'' trädgårdsland; small piece of ground for growing vegetables, flowers, etc.