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vessel englannista suomeksi

  1. tiehyt, suoni

  2. astia, säiliö

  3. alus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. alus

  3. astia, säiliö

  4. suoni animal; putkilo plant

  5. Verbi

vessel englanniksi

  1. Any craft designed for transportation on water, such as a ship or boat. (defdate)

  2. (hypo)

  3. (RQ:Defoe Robinson Crusoe)

  4. 1905, H. G. Wells, ''The Empire of the Ants''

  5. He saw now clearly that the sole crew of the vessel was these two dead men, and though he could not see their faces, he saw by their outstretched hands, which were all of ragged flesh, that they had been subjected to some strange exceptional process of decay.
  6. (quote-journal)

  7. A craft designed for transportation through air or space. (defdate)

  8. (hypo)

  9. *(quote-video game)|title=(w)|genre=fiction|Science Fiction|location=Redwood City|publisher=Electronic Arts|year=2008|platform=PC|scene=Quarians Codex entry|isbn=9780784546642|oclc=246633669|passage=Driven from their home system by the geth nearly three centuries ago, most quarians now live aboard the Migrant Fleet, a flotilla of fifty thousand vessels ranging in size from passenger shuttles to mobile space stations.

  10. Dishes and cutlery collectively, especially if made of precious metals. (defdate)

  11. 1523, John Bourchier, tr. Jean Froissart, ''Here begynneth the first volum of sir Iohan Froyssart : of the cronycles of Englande, Fraunce, Spayne, Portyngale, Scotlande, Bretayne, Flauders: and other places adioynynge.'':

  12. All his Vessell was of golde and siluer, pottis, basons, ewers, dysshes, flagons, barels, cuppes, and all other thyngis.
  13. A container of liquid or other substance, such as a glass, goblet, cup, bottle, bowl, or pitcher. (defdate)

  14. A person as a container of qualities or feelings. (defdate)

  15. (ux)

  16. (RQ:KJV)

  17. He is a chosen vessel unto me.
  18. (RQ:Milton Paradise Lost)

  19. 1975, (w), ''The Seeker'' lyrics:

  20. I am a vessel that’s empty and useless / I am a bad seed that fell by the way.
  21. A tube or canal that carries fluid in an animal or plant. (defdate)

  22. To put into a vessel.

  23. 1577, Harrison (priest)|William Harrison, ''The Description of England'' in ''(w)'', Volume 1, Book 3, Chapter 12 “Of venemous beastes &c.,”

  24. Our hony alſo is taken and reputed to be the beſt bycauſe it is harder, better wrought & clenlyer veſſelled vp, thẽ that which cõmeth from beyond the ſea, where they ſtampe and ſtraine their combes, Bées, & young Blow|inges altogither into the ſtuffe, as I haue béene informed.
  25. 1627, (w), ''Sylva Sylvarum: or, A Naturall Historie'', London: W. Lee, Cent. VI, section 529, p. 137,

  26. The fourth Rule ſhall be, to marke what ''Herbs, ſome Earths doe put fourth of themſelves''; And to take that ''Earth'', and to ''Pot'' it, or to ''Veſſell'' it; And in that to ſet the ''Seed'' you would change (..)
  27. 1662, Heydon (astrologer)|John Heydon, ''The Harmony of the World'', London: Robert Horn, Epistle Dedicatory,

  28. Man had at the firſt, and ſo have all ſouls before their entrance into the body, an explicite methodicall knowledge, but they are no ſooner veſſel’d, but that liberty is loſt, and nothing remains but a vaſt confuſed notion of the creature (..)
  29. 2009, Reaper (TV series), 2nd season, episode known as ''The Home Stretch'':

  30. Samuel 'Sam' Oliver: Alright (''or:'' All right), so the Devil didn't say that the winner was the one who vesseled (''or:'' vesselled) him, just the one who sends him back to hell.
  31. A container or vessel; a box for storage:

  32. A (l); any open container used in the kitchen:

  33. A decorative container; a vase used for adornment.

  34. A piece of cookware; a container used for cooking.

  35. Any sort of kitchen tool or utensil.

  36. A container used for the storage of medicines; a pharmaceutical container.

  37. Any object, especially a container, used in religious ceremonies or rituals.

  38. A large container or vat used for bulk storage.

  39. Alchemical equipment, ware, or tools.

  40. Traveling equipment; travel gear.

  41. In several anatomical senses:

  42. A human being or the body of a human being.

  43. Blood vessels; the tubes that blood travels in.

  44. Any sort of tube, duct or canal in the body (gloss)

  45. The heart (gloss).

  46. A seafaring vessel; a boat or ship.

  47. A machine, device, or method.