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William englanniksi

  1. (given name) popular since the Conquest.

  2. 1605 Camden|William Camden, ''Remains Concerning Britain'', John Russell Smith, 1870, page 98:

  3. This name hath been most common in England since King William the Conquerour, insomuch that upon a festival day in the Court of King Henry the Second, when Sir William Saint-John, and Sir William Fitz-Hamon, especial Officers, had commanded that none but of the name of William should dine in the great Chamber with them, they were accompanied with a hundred and twenty Williams.
  4. 2004 Wood|Christopher Wood, ''California, Here I Am'', TwentyFirst Century Publishers Ltd, (ISBN), pages 29-30:

  5. By the same token I should probably have called myself 'Bill'. With a name like William you have choices. Very handy for us chameleons. 'William' is stern and dignified. A little austere and unapproachable. He conquers things. It is what my mother calls me when she is angry with me.
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