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ship englannista suomeksi

  1. laivata

  2. alus, laiva

  3. toimittaa, kuljettaa

  4. astua laivaan

  5. nousta laivaan

  6. pestata

  1. laiva

  2. alus

  3. toimittaa, lähettää

  4. laivata, lähettää

  5. haukata

  6. ojentaa

  7. korottaa all-in">korottaa all-in, panna peliin">panna peliin

  8. treidata

  9. Substantiivi

  10. Verbi

ship englanniksi

  1. A water-borne vessel generally larger than a boat.

  2. A vessel which travels through any medium other than across land, such as an airship or spaceship.

  3. A spaceship (the type of pattern in a automaton).

  4. A sailing vessel with three or more square-rigged masts.

  5. A dish or utensil (originally fashioned like the hull of a ship) used to hold incense(defdate).

  6. The third card of the Lenormand deck.

  7. An aircraft.

  8. 1944, Wolfgang Langewiesche, ''Stick and Rudder: An Explanation of the Art of Flying''

  9. This means that the landing wheels are not so far forward of the ship's center of gravity ; and that means that ground contact is less likely to produce a bounce.
  10. 1994, ''American Aviation Historical Society Journal'' (page 107)

  11. In addition to the four NAA pilots, three Air Force and one RAF pilot, all based at Edwards, flew the ship after first being checked out on the "tether rig."
  12. To send by water-borne transport.

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  14. The timber was(..)shipped in the bay of Attalia, (..)from whence it was by sea transported to Palusium.
  15. (quote-journal)|title= It's a gas

  16. (senseid) To send (a parcel or container) to a recipient (by any means of transport).

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  18. To release a product (not necessarily physical) to vendors or customers; to launch.

  19. To engage to serve on board a vessel.

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  21. To embark on a ship.

  22. (RQ:R. F. Burton Arabian Nights)

  23. To put or secure in its place.

  24. To take in (water) over the sides of a vessel.

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  26. (RQ:Haggard She)

  27. Leave, depart, scram.

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  29. ''Douglas:'' Sorry girls, you better go. Girls! Ship it!
  30. To pass (from one person to another).

  31. {{quote-journal|en|date=September 18, 2011|author=Ben Dirs|work=BBC Sport|title=Rugby World Cup 2011: England 41-10 Georgia

  32. To go in.

  33. To trade or send a player to another team.

  34. To bungle a kick and give the opposing team possession.

  35. {{quote-journal|en|date=October 1, 2011|author=Tom Fordyce|work=BBC Sport|title=Rugby World Cup 2011: England 16-12 Scotland

  36. {{quote-journal|en|date=February 11, 2015

  37. (senseid) A fictional romantic relationship between two characters, either real or themselves fictional, especially one explored in fiction.

  38. (senseid) To support or approve of a fictional romantic relationship between two characters, typically in fiction or other fandom contexts.

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  43. to (l) (goods to customers), to make a delivery

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