suomi-englanti sanakirja

ojentaa englanniksi

  1. admonish

  2. give

  3. sort out

  4. present

  5. penalise

  6. strike out

  7. extend, hold out, put out, stretch forth

  8. hand, pass

  9. correct

  10. scold

  1. to straighten (out|out), stretch (out|out), reach (out|out)

  2. to hand, give, reach, pass; to present (''a price'')

  3. to lend, in the expressions a hand, a helping hand, which may translated into Finnish as ''ojentaa auttava käsi'' or simply with the verb (m)

  4. to chastise, scold, out, yell at

  5. to dress (''troops'')

  6. (fi-form of)