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tell englannista suomeksi

  1. kertoa

  2. huomata

  3. kannella

  4. paljastaa

  5. määrätä, käskeä

  6. tuntea

  1. kertoa

  2. käskeä, määrätä

  3. sanoa

  4. Verbi

tell englanniksi

  1. Tell

  1. To count, reckon, or enumerate.

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  6. To narrate, to recount.

  7. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp)Churchill, my dear fellow, we have such greedy sharks, and wolves in lamb's clothing. Oh, dear, there's so much to tell you, so many warnings to give you, but all that must be postponed for the moment.”

  8. To convey by speech; to say.

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  11. Tell her you’re here.
    : (audio)
  12. To instruct or inform.

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  14. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity). We began to tell her about Mohair and the cotillon, and of our point of observation from the Florentine galleried porch, and she insisted she would join us there.

  15. To order; to direct, to say to someone.

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  19. To discern, notice, identify or distinguish.

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  21. To reveal.

  22. To be revealed.

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  24. Cherry looks old, Mergenthaler told himself. His age is telling. Querulous — that's the word. He's become a whining, querulous old man absorbed with trivialities.
  25. To have an effect, especially a noticeable one; to be apparent, to be demonstrated.

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  28. (label) To use (beads or similar objects) as an aid to prayer.

  29. To inform someone in authority about a wrongdoing.

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  31. (label) To reveal information in prose through outright expository statement -- contrasted with ''show''

  32. A reflexive, often habitual behavior, (non-gloss definition) one occurring in a context that often features attempts at deception by persons under psychological stress (such as a poker game or police interrogation), that reveals information that the person exhibiting the behavior is attempting to withhold.

  33. A giveaway; something that unintentionally reveals or hints at a secret.

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  35. That which is told; a tale or account.

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  37. I am at the end of my tell.
  38. A private message to an individual in a room; a whisper.

  39. A hill or mound, originally and especially in the Middle East, over or consisting of the ruins of ancient settlements.

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