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poker englannista suomeksi

  1. hiilihanko

  2. pokeri

  1. hiilihanko

  2. kohentaja

  3. pokeri

  4. Substantiivi

poker englanniksi

  1. A metal (l), generally of iron, for adjusting the burning (l) or coals in a (l); a firestick. (defdate)

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  3. A tool like a iron for making drawings.

  4. One who pokes.

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  6. A kind of duck, the (l).

  7. A knife.

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  9. To poke with a utensil such as a poker or needle.

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  12. Any of various games in which, following each of one or more (l) of (l) or revealing cards, the (l) in (l) make tactical (l) or drop out, the bets forming a (l) to be taken either by the (l) remaining player or, after all rounds and bets have been completed, by those remaining players who hold a (l) (l) according to a (l) ranking of hand values for the (l). (defdate)

  13. All the four cards of the same rank.

  14. (senseid) a player's scoring four goals in one match


  16. Greaves hit three hat-tricks, two pokers and five goals against West Brom on his way to a record-setting 41 league goals.
  17. *2022 April 17, Dylan Butler, "Recap: NYCFC 6, Real Salt Lake 0"

  18. Poker Face: Taty Castellanos strikes FOUR times for NYCFC vs. RSL
  19. *2023 January 24, Chris Wright, "Mbappe scored career-high five goals in one game. What about Messi, Ronaldo and world's other top strikers?" ''Toe Poke'' (ESPN)

  20. Ibra has scored a "poker" on four separate occasions during his career: twice with Paris Saint-Germain and twice for Sweden. The most famed example must surely be his single-handed crushing of England in a friendly back in 2012, when the striker rounded off a 4-2 victory for the Swedes with a truly immense long-range overhead kick in the final minute.
  21. *2023 April 6, "THE 11TH HAT TRICK SCORER AT NOU CAMP" International Federation of Football History and Statistics:

  22. The only player who scored a poker at Nou Camp is Milinko Pantić. Curiously, despite his 4 goals, his team (Atlético Madrid) lost the game.
  23. *2023 April 30, "Europa League's fastest goals and quickest hat-tricks" UEFA

  24. Daka also became only the fifth player to score four or more in a Europa League match, and the second fastest after Willian José, whose 'poker' came in the space of 26 minutes for Real Sociedad at Vardar in 2017.
  25. To play poker.

  26. Any imagined frightful object, especially one supposed to haunt the darkness; a bugbear(R:Webster 191).

  27. *(quote-text)cling to the bough as if old poker was coming to take them away.

  28. belch

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  30. (l) (card game)

  31. somebody who pokes a fire

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  33. (l)

  34. of a kind

  35. the act of playing (l)

  36. a game of (l)

  37. flush

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  41. poker (gloss)

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