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private englannista suomeksi

  1. sotamies, matruusi

  2. henkilökohtainen, yksityinen

  3. yksityis-

  1. yksityinen, henkilökohtainen

  2. yksityinen, yksityis- in compounds

  3. yksityinen

  4. rauhallinen, yksityinen

  5. varautunut

  6. Substantiivi

  7. sotamies

  8. sukuelimet

  9. Verbi

private englanniksi

  1. Belonging to, concerning, or accessible only to an individual person or a specific group.

  2. (ux)

  3. (quote-book)

  4. (quote-journal)

  5. Not accessible by the public.

  6. Not in governmental office or employment.

  7. Not publicly known; not open; secret.

  8. (quote-book) |author= (w)|trans= (w) |publisher=Isaac Iaggard|url= |passage=(..)purſued his vnneighbourly purpoſe in ſuch ſort: that hee being the ſtronger perſwader, and ſhe (belike) too credulous in beleeuing or elſe ouer-feeble in reſiſting, from priuate imparlance, they fell to action; and continued their cloſe fight a long while together, vnſeene and vvithout ſuſpition, no doubt to their equall ioy and contentment.

  9. (RQ:Allingham China Governess)The second note, the high alarum, not so familiar and always important since it indicates the paramount sin in Man's private calendar, took most of them by surprise although they had been well prepared.

  10. Protected from view or disturbance by others; secluded.

  11. Not traded by the public.

  12. Secretive; reserved.

  13. Not shared with another patient.

  14. Accessible only to the class itself or instances of it, and not to other classes or even subclasses.

  15. A soldier of the lowest rank in the army.

  16. A doctor working in privately rather than publicly funded care.

  17. 1973, ''Health/PAC Bulletin'' (issues 48-67, page 2)

  18. In the cities and towns of California, privates are pressuring county governments to close or reduce in size their hospitals and to pay private hospitals for the care of low-income patients. Thus everything is stacked against public hospitals.
  19. 1993, United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Immigration and Refugee Affairs, ''The implementation of employer sanctions: Hearings''

  20. Because you are already moving people with the limitations of what we did in 1982 on the capping of Medicare, you are finding out that the privates are picking up that slack, (..)
  21. The genitals.

  22. A secret message; a personal unofficial communication.

  23. (RQ:Shakespeare King John)

  24. Personal interest; particular business.

  25. (RQ:Jonson Catilin)

  26. Nor must I be unmindful of my private.
  27. Privacy; retirement.

  28. (RQ:Shakespeare Twelfth Night)

  29. One not invested with a public office.

  30. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 5)

  31. A private lesson.

  32. To make something hidden from the public (without deleting it permanently).

  33. (quote-web)

  34. (quote-web) IOI had no part in privating the subreddit, this was entirely the decision of the moderators, and we are just fellow fans like you who volunteer our time to help out," a moderator wrote.

  35. privately

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  39. (monikko) nb|privat

  40. (monikko) nn|privat

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