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speech englannista suomeksi

  1. puhetaito

  2. lausahdus

  3. puhuminen

  4. puhe

  5. puhuttelu

  6. repliikki, sanat

  7. kieli

  1. Substantiivi

  2. puhe

  3. lainaus

  4. Verbi

speech englanniksi

  1. The ability to speak; the faculty of uttering words or articulate sounds and vocalizations to communicate.

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  3. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp) such talk had been distressingly out of place.

  4. (RQ:Wodehouse Jeeves in the Offing) As far as Bobbie and I were concerned, silence reigned, this novel twist in the scenario having wiped speech from our lips, as the expression is, but Phyllis continued vocal. (..) For perhaps a quarter of a minute after he had passed from the scene the aged relative stood struggling for utterance. At the end of this period she found speech. “Of all the damn silly fatheaded things!”

  5. The act of speaking, a certain style of it.

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  8. (senseid) A formal session of speaking, especially a long oral message given publicly by one person.

  9. (RQ:Swift A Letter to a Young Clergyma)

  10. The constant design of both these orators, in all their speeches, was to drive some one particular point.
  11. (RQ:Wodehouse Jeeves in the Offing) “So that's why he's been going about looking like a dead fish. I suppose Roberta broke the engagement?” “In a speech lasting five minutes without a pause for breath.”

  12. A dialect, vernacular, or a language.

  13. (RQ:KJV)

  14. Language used orally, rather than in writing.

  15. An utterance that is quoted; ''see'' (m), (m)

  16. Public talk, news, gossip, rumour.

  17. *(RQ:Shakespeare Henry 8)did of me demand / What was the speech among the Londoners / Concerning the French journey.

  18. To make a speech; to harangue.

  19. (RQ:Swift Excellent New Son)

  20. I'll speech against peace while Dismal's my name, / And be a true whig, while I'm Not-in-game.
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  25. an informal speech

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