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serve englannista suomeksi

  1. toimia, palvella

  2. antaa haaste

  3. syöttää

  4. auttaa, myötävaikuttaa

  5. astua

  6. lusia, istua

  7. hyödyttää, edistää

  8. olla palveluksessa

  9. syöttö

  10. olla asepalveluksessa

  11. tarjoilla

  12. vastata

  1. Substantiivi

  2. syöttö

  3. Verbi

  4. palvella

  5. avustaa

  6. kosia, kosiskella

  7. tarjoilla

  8. tarjoilla, tarjota

  9. hoitaa

  10. toimia

  11. kohdella

  12. käyttää

  13. saattaa tietoon

  14. toimittaa, toimia, palvella

  15. istua

  16. astua

  17. syöttää

  18. rihmata

serve englanniksi

  1. An act of putting the ball or shuttlecock in play in various games.

  2. ''Whose serve is it?''

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  6. A portion of food or drink, a serving.

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  12. One serve of carbohydrates is approximately equal to a slice of bread, a piece of fruit, third of a cup of cooked rice, half a cup of grains, cereals, starchy vegetables or cooked pasta, 200 grams of plain yoghurt, or 300 millilitres of milk.
  13. An impressive presentation (especially of a person's appearance).

  14. ''That white eyeliner is such a serve.''

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  18. To be a formal servant for (a god or deity); to worship in an official capacity. (defdate)

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  20. And yet this is not the office of a Priest, but of Him whom the Priest should serve.
  21. To be a servant for; to work for, to be employed by. (defdate)

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  25. To upon (someone) at table; to set food and drink in front of, to help (someone) to food, meals etc. (defdate)

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  27. To render service by being a servant, worker, employee, or officeholder; to hold those roles and perform their duties. (defdate)

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  29. To set down (food or drink) on the table to be eaten; to bring (food, drink) to a person. (defdate)

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  31. To treat (someone) in a given manner. (defdate)

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  33. To be suitor to; to be the lover of. (defdate)

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  36. To be useful to; to meet the needs of. (defdate)

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  38. To have a given use or purpose; to function (m) something or ''to do'' something. (defdate)

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  41. To usefully take the place (m), (m) ''of'' something else. (defdate)

  42. (RQ:Jefferies Amateur Poacher). Ikey the blacksmith had forged us a spearhead after a sketch from a picture of a Greek warrior; and a rake-handle served as a shaft.

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  44. To deliver a document.

  45. To officially deliver (a legal notice, summons etc.). (defdate)

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  47. (ux)

  48. To make legal service upon (a person named in a writ, summons, etc.)

  49. To lead off with the first delivery over the net in tennis, volleyball, pong, badminton etc. (defdate)

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  51. To copulate with (of male animals); to cover. (defdate)

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  53. Conception means that a cow is served by a bull and that she becomes pregnant.
  54. To be in military service. (defdate)

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  56. To work, to operate (a weapon). (defdate)

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  58. To work through (a given period of time in prison, a sentence). (defdate)

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  60. To wind spun yarn etc. tightly around (a rope or cable, etc.) so as to protect it from chafing or from the weather.

  61. To perform (a public obligation).

  62. ''I've received a summons for jury duty. It says I serve one day or one trial.''

    ''She served the office of mayor five years ago.''

  63. To provide cocaine (to), usually by selling, dealing, or distributing.

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  65. (senseid) To present an attractive personal appearance.

  66. To present an attractive personal appearance.

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  68. To attractively display something (especially a body part) as part of one's personal appearance.

  69. (quote-web)

  70. To evoke something (especially a person) with one's personal appearance.

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  80. serve

  81. edge, brink, verge, border