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service englannista suomeksi

  1. haaste

  2. palvelu

  3. alaisuus

  4. serviisi, astiasto

  5. aselaji

  6. astutus

  7. palvella

  8. huolto

  9. astua

  10. palvelulaitos, julkinen palvelu

  11. huoltaa

  12. syöttö, aloitussyöttö

  13. palvelus

  1. palvelus, palvelu

  2. palvelu

  3. huolto; asiakaspalvelu

  4. alaisuus, palvelus

  5. palvelus, asepalvelus

  6. astiasto, dialectal serviisi

  7. syöttö, aloitussyöttö

  8. jumalanpalvelus

  9. tuomion lukeminen

  10. reittitaksi

  11. kirkkomusiikkiteos

  12. tarvikkeet (monikko)

  13. palvella

  14. huoltaa

  15. Substantiivi

service englanniksi

  1. Service

  1. An act of being of assistance to someone.

  2. (ux)

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  5. The state of being subordinate to or employed by an individual or group.

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  7. Work as a member of the military.

  8. (senseid) The practice of providing assistance as economic activity.

  9. {{quote-journal|en|date=2013-06-21|author=Oliver Burkeman

  10. (syn of).

  11. A department in a company, organization, or institution.

  12. A function that is provided by one program or machine for another.

  13. The military.

  14. (anchor)A set of dishes or utensils.

  15. {{quote-book|en|year=1997|author=Eduardo Galeano|title=Veins of Latin America|Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent|publisher=Monthly Review Press|page=36

  16. The act of initially starting, or serving, the ball in play in tennis, volleyball, and other games.

  17. A religious rite or ritual.

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  19. The serving, or delivery, of a summons or writ.

  20. 1668 July 3, Dalrymple, 1st Viscount of Stair|James Dalrymple, “Thomas Rue ''contra'' Andrew Houſtoun” in ''The Deciſions of the Lords of Council & Seſſion'' I (Edinburgh, 1683), page 548:

  21. He Suſpends on theſe Reaſons, that ''Thomas Rue'' had granted a general Diſcharge to ''Adam Muſhet'', who was his Conjunct, and ''correus debendi'', after the alleadged Service, which Diſcharged ''Muſhet'', and conſequently ''Houstoun'' his Partner.
  22. A taxi shared among unrelated passengers, each of whom pays part of the fare; often, it has a fixed route between cities.

  23. A musical composition for use in churches.

  24. Profession of respect; acknowledgment of duty owed.

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  26. The materials used for serving a rope, etc., such as spun yarn and small lines.

  27. Access to resources such as hotel rooms and Web-based videos without transfer of the resources' ownership.

  28. To serve.

  29. (quote-av)

  30. To perform maintenance.

  31. (quote-journal)

  32. To supply (media outlets) with releases etc.

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  35. To inseminate through intercourse.

  36. To perform a act upon.

  37. To attack.

  38. ''to service a target; target servicing''

  39. (senseid) tree|Service tree.

  40. (senseid) The sorb; the fruit of this tree.

  41. (l)

  42. service

  43. (uxi)

  44. service

  45. cutlery

  46. set (collection of objects)

  47. you're welcome

  48. (alt form)

  49. (alternative form of)

  50. (l), the level of comfort offered by assistants and servants (the opposite of self-service)

  51. maintenance and repair