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sexual englannista suomeksi

  1. seksuaalinen, sukupuoli-

  2. sukupuolinen, seksi-

  1. sukupuolinen, seksuaalinen

  2. sukupuolinen, sukupuoli / sukupuoli-

  3. Substantiivi

sexual englanniksi

  1. Arising from the fact of being male or female; pertaining to sex or gender, or to the social relations between the sexes. (defdate)

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  3. Capable of reproduction; sexed, sexuate. (defdate)

  4. Pertaining to intercourse or other intimate physical contact. (defdate)

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  6. Characterised by sexual feelings or behaviour; possessing sexuality. (defdate)

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  8. Pertaining to sexuality as a cultural phenomenon; relating to sexual behaviour or conduct. (defdate)

  9. Experiencing sexual attraction; not asexual.

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  13. Pertaining to the female sex. (defdate)

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  15. A species which reproduces by sexual rather than asexual reproduction, or a member of such a species.

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  17. A person who experiences sexual attraction, a person who has interest in or desire for sex (qualifier).

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