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sex englannista suomeksi

  1. sukupuoli

  2. selvittää sukupuoli, määrittää sukupuoli

  3. seksi

  4. kiihottaa

  1. Substantiivi

sex englanniksi

  1. A category into which sexually-reproducing organisms are divided on the basis of their reproductive roles in their species.

  2. (ux)

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  4. (quote-text) that slime molds can have thirteen sexes.

  5. Another category, especially of humans and especially based on sexuality or gender roles.

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  9. The members of such a category, taken collectively.

  10. {{quote-text|en|year=1671|author=John Milton|title=Samson Agonistes|section=774

  11. (quote-text) to be greater than that of the male.

  12. The distinction and relation between these categories, especially in humans; gender.

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  14. (senseid) Women; the human female gender and those who belong to it.

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  16. Sexual activity, ''usually'' intercourse ''unless terms|preceded by a modifier''.

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  18. (The believers ... those ... ) who abstain from sex
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  20. Why wasn't Bond|Bond ‘more tender’ in his love-making? Why did he just ‘have sex’ and disappear?
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  22. Genitalia: a penis or vagina.

  23. To determine the sex of (an animal).

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  26. To have sex with.

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  35. To have sex.

  36. (alternative form of).

  37. (l) (sexual intercourse)

  38. (syn)

  39. intercourse|Sexual intercourse, sex.

  40. (alt sp)

  41. six

  42. sex, intercourse

  43. (cln) six; 6

  44. (Q)

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  46. (ante), Wycliffe's Bible|Bible (Wycliffite), of Genesis|Genesis, Chapter vi, Verse 19:

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  50. (cln) (l).

  51. six

  52. (cln) six

  53. gender, (l)

  54. (l), intercourse

  55. sex (intercourse, sexual activity)

  56. (l) (intercourse, sexual activity)

  57. shop, section (of a factory)