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human englannista suomeksi

  1. ihmis-

  2. ihminen

  3. inhimillinen

  1. inhimillinen, ihmis-

  2. inhimillinen

  3. Substantiivi

  4. Verbi

human englanniksi

  1. (senseid) Of or belonging to the species ''sapiens'' or its closest relatives.

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  5. Having the nature or attributes of a being.

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  9. 2011 August 17, Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., ''The Many Wars of Google: Handset makers will learn to live with their new ‘frenemy’'', ''Business World'', ''Wall Street Journal|Wall Street Journal'',

  10. Google wouldn't be human if it didn't want some of this loot, which buying Motorola would enable it to grab.
  11. The tallest, most abundant and most intelligent of primates; ''sapiens''.

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  15. A human as contrasted from superficially similar but typically more powerful humanoid creatures; a member of the race.

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  17. (quote-book)Flesh plows clear the streets to make them safe to drive.(..)Does this shock you, human? Do the ways of our world open your eyes to the truths of your own?

  18. Any hominid of the genus ''Homo''.

  19. To behave as or become, or to cause to behave as or become, a human.

  20. (quote-book) he sought to charm a single pair of ears, and those more hairy than critical. Later, as the race went on humaning, there grew complexity of sentiment and varying emotional needs, (..)

  21. to finish

  22. completed; done

  23. after

  24. (l) (qualifier)

  25. humane (qualifier)

  26. humane

  27. human

  28. (inflection of)

  29. human

  30. (male) human being

  31. humane (with regard for the health and well-being of another; compassionate)

  32. (es-verb form of)

  33. humane, decent, compassionate

  34. reasonable