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James englannista suomeksi

  1. James

  2. Jaakob

  3. Jaakko

  1. Jaakobin kirje

  2. Jaakob

  3. Jaakko

James englanniksi

  1. The twentieth book of the Testament of the Bible, the general epistle of James.

  2. One of two Apostles, the Greater|James the Greater and the Less|James the Less, often identified with the Just|James, brother of Jesus.

  3. (RQ:King James Version)

  4. (given name) popular since the Middle Ages. Also a common name.

  5. (RQ:Scott Lady of the Lake) And Normans call me James Fitz-James. / Thus watch I o'er insulted laws, / Thus learn to right the injured cause. (..)

  6. 1979 Kuralt|Charles Kuralt, Dateline America, Harcourt Brace Jovanocich, (ISBN), page 184:

  7. Heaven only knows why a man with a strong biblical name like James wants to be a president named Jimmy.
  8. (surname).

  9. A placename

  10. (place).

  11. (place), north-eastern|p/Ontario|c/Canada.

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  14. the Greater|James the Greater or the Less|James the Less (gloss)

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