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attraction englannista suomeksi

  1. vetovoima, houkutuskeino

  2. kiinnostus, viehätys

  3. nähtävyys

  4. vetonumero, vetonaula

  1. Substantiivi

  2. vetovoima

  3. viehätys, veto

  4. vetonumero, vetonaula, nähtävyys, vetovoimatekijä

attraction englanniksi

  1. The tendency to attract.

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  3. The feeling of being attracted.

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  5. An event, location, or business that has a tendency to draw interest from visitors, and in many cases, local residents.

  6. The sacrifice of pieces in order to expose the enemy king.

  7. An error in language production that incorrectly extends a feature from one word in a sentence to another, e.g. when a verb agrees with a noun other than its subject.

  8. attraction (all senses)