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expose englannista suomeksi

  1. paljastaminen

  2. valottaa, saattaa alttiiksi

  3. altistaa, saattaa vaaralle alttiiksi

  4. jättää heitteille

  5. tuoda esiin

  6. saattaa jnk vaikutuksen alaiseksi

  7. paljastaa

  8. asettaa esille

  1. Verbi

  2. paljastaa

  3. valottaa

expose englanniksi

  1. (senseid) To reveal, uncover, make visible, to light, introduce (''to'').

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  4. (senseid) To subject photographic film to light thereby recording an image.

  5. To abandon, especially an unwanted baby in the wilderness.

  6. 1893, (w), ''Life|Eskimo Life'', Life.djvu/194|page 152:

  7. This they do, as a rule, by exposing the child or throwing it into the sea.
  8. To submit to an active (mostly dangerous) substance like an allergen, ozone, nicotine, solvent, or to any other stress, in order to test the reaction, resistance, etc.

  9. To make available to other parts of a program, or to other programs.

  10. 2000, Robert C. Martin, ''More C++ Gems'' (page 266)

  11. In the OO world, the word is to hide the structure of the data, and expose only functionality. OO designers expose an object to the world in terms of the services it provides.
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