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net englannista suomeksi

  1. haavi

  2. verkko

  3. kutoa verkko

  4. pyydystää verkolla, saada verkkoon, pyytää verkolla

  5. tuottaa voittoa

  6. netti, tietoverkko

  7. lopullinen

  8. ansiot, nettoansio, netto

  9. netto-

  10. netota

  1. verkko

  2. verkko, haavi specific type, see entry

  3. verkko, haavi

  4. verkot (monikko)

  5. kalastaa verkoilla">kalastaa verkoilla, pyytää verkolla">pyytää verkolla, pyydystää verkolla">pyydystää verkolla; haavia

  6. pyydystää verkkoon">pyydystää verkkoon, saada verkkoon">saada verkkoon

  7. in compounds netto / netto-, puhdas

  8. lopullinen, loppu / loppu-

  9. netto

  10. netota, voittaa

  11. Substantiivi

  12. Verbi

net englanniksi

  1. A mesh of string, cord or rope.

  2. (ux)

  3. A device made from such mesh, used for catching fish, butterflies, etc.

  4. (quote-book)

  5. A device made from such mesh, generally used for trapping something.

  6. (quote-book)|year=1983|publisher=Knopf|ISBN=0679722106|passage=The nets have to be checked to make sure that they are not tangled up and therefore useless, and the carcasses of the dead sharks are removed.|page=190

  7. Anything that has the appearance of such a device.

  8. A trap.

  9. 1611, Bible ((w)), Proverbs xxix. 5

  10. A man that flattereth his neighbor spreadeth a net for his feet.
  11. Of a polyhedron, any set of polygons joined edge to edge that, when folded along the edges between adjoining polygons so that the outer edges touch, form the polyhedron.

  12. A system that interconnects a number of users, locations etc. allowing transport or communication between them.

  13. ''a computer network; a road network; an electricity distribution network''

  14. A conductor that interconnects two or more component terminals.

  15. A framework backed by a mesh, serving as the goal in hockey, soccer, lacrosse, etc.

  16. {{quote-journal|en|date=December 29, 2010|author=Mark Vesty|work=BBC

  17. A mesh stretched to divide the court in tennis, badminton, volleyball, etc.

  18. The area of the court close to the net (mesh stretched to divide the court).

  19. To catch by means of a net.

  20. To catch in a trap, or by stratagem.

  21. (RQ:Scott Waverley)

  22. To enclose or cover with a net.

  23. ''to net a tree''

  24. To score (a goal).

  25. ''Evans netted the winner in the 80th minute.''

  26. 2012, ''Chelsea 6-0 Wolves''

  27. Romeu then scored a penalty, Torres netted a header and Moses added the sixth from substitute Oscar's cross.
  28. To hit the ball into the net.

  29. (quote-journal)

  30. To form network or netting; to knit.

  31. Good, desirable; clean, decent, clear.

  32. 1590, Edmund Spenser, ''The Faerie Queene'', III.xii:

  33. Her brest all naked, as net iuory, / Without adorne of gold or siluer bright (..)
  34. Free from extraneous substances; pure; unadulterated; neat.

  35. ''net wine''

  36. Remaining after expenses or deductions.

  37. ''net profit''; ''net weight''

  38. Final; end.

  39. ''net result''; ''net conclusion''

  40. After expenses or deductions.

  41. The amount remaining after expenses are deducted; profit.

  42. To receive as profit.

  43. ''The company nets $30 on every sale.''

  44. To yield as profit for.

  45. ''The scam netted the criminals $30,000.''

  46. To fully hedge a position.

  47. ''Every party is netting their position with a counter-party''

  48. (l), (l)

  49. not

  50. (quote-text)

  51. clean

  52. (ant)

  53. (l)

  54. (of a castell) built without a pinya, or without a folre or manilles when it would normally have these

  55. cleanly

  56. (alternative spelling of)

  57. ''Dat es jar net wohr!''

    That’s not true at all!

  58. visually pleasing and proper; well-groomed

  59. reusable bag of cloth

  60. (l) (gloss)

  61. television channel

  62. (syn)

  63. television network (rfv-sense)

  64. a network, especially the Internet

  65. clean, tidy

  66. decent, proper

  67. tidily, neatly

  68. decently, properly

  69. just, nearly, barely

  70. just recently

  71. net

  72. (qualifier) mesh, the material to make a "nót" (fishing net)

  73. A network (qualifier)

  74. A net for carrying hay

  75. (alt form)

  76. they

  77. clear

  78. neat

  79. (l) (as opposed to gross).

  80. clean, neat

  81. completely, entirely

  82. (alternative form of)

  83. Internet

  84. not

  85. 2018 João Cabral de Melo Neto, Cléo V. Altenhofen, ''Der Moint om Stricke'':

  86. En Hoohn alleen strickt noch net en Moint
  87. network

  88. the Internet

  89. (ux)

  90. (l), a mesh stretched to divide the court in tennis, badminton, volleyball, etc.

  91. (hyponyms)

  92. these, those

  93. they

  94. (inflection of)

  95. worthy, good, pure, fine, elegant

  96. net

  97. clean

  98. (nn-former)

  99. nest

  100. Net; the Internet

  101. Internet connection

  102. clear, clear-cut, plain

  103. clearly, distinctly

  104. plainly, flatly

  105. directly, bluntly, blank, crisply

  106. avowedly

  107. manifest

  108. The (l) used in ping-pong or tennis.