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purpose englannista suomeksi

  1. tarkoitus

  2. tarkoittaa

  3. aikoa

  4. pyrkimys

  1. tarkoitus

purpose englanniksi

  1. An objective to be reached; a target; an aim; a goal.

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  3. A result that is desired; an intention.

  4. The act of intending to do something; resolution; determination.

  5. (quote-book) |author= (w)|trans= (w) |publisher=Isaac Iaggard|url= https://books.google.co.nz/books?id=FEz6_FECCI0C |passage=(..)purſued his vnneighbourly purpoſe in ſuch ſort: that hee being the ſtronger perſwader, and ſhe (belike) too credulous in beleeuing or elſe ouer-feeble in reſiſting, from priuate imparlance, they fell to action; and continued their cloſe fight a long while together, vnſeene and vvithout ſuſpition, no doubt to their equall ioy and contentment.

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  7. United began with more purpose in the early phase of the second half and Liverpool were grateful for Glen Johnson's crucial block from Young's goalbound shot.
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  9. The subject of discourse; the point at issue.

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  11. The reason for which something is done, or the reason it is done in a particular way.

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  13. Instance; example.

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  15. To have set as one's purpose; resolve to accomplish; intend; plan.

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  17. To design for some purpose. (rfex)

  18. To discourse.