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patch englannista suomeksi

  1. lääkelaastari, laastari

  2. ajanjakso, kausi

  3. korjaustiedosto, paikka, korjaus, pätsi

  4. paikata, korjata

  5. tilkku

  6. läikkä

  7. paikkaus

  8. täplittää

  9. silmälappu

  1. paikka

  2. kauneuspilkku

  3. paikka, side

  4. laastari, lääkelaastari

  5. kausi, ajanjakso

  6. tilkku, maatilkku; palsta

  7. jyvä, etutähtäin

  8. paikkaus, korjaustiedosto; pätsi colloquial

  9. tilkku

  10. yhdyskaapeli

  11. paikata

  12. paikata, paikkailla

  13. paikata, improvisoida

  14. liittää, kytkeä

  15. Substantiivi

  16. Verbi

patch englanniksi

  1. A piece of cloth, or other suitable material, sewed or otherwise fixed upon a garment to repair or strengthen it, especially upon an old garment to cover a hole.

  2. (ux)

  3. A small piece of anything used to repair damage or a breach; as, a patch on a kettle, a roof, etc.

  4. A piece of any size, used to repair something for a temporary period only, or that it is temporary because it is not meant to last long or will be removed as soon as a proper repair can be made, which will happen in the near future.

  5. A small, usually contrasting but always somehow different or distinct, part of something else (location, time, size)

  6. (q) A small area, a small plot of land or piece of ground.

  7. (quote-journal)

  8. A local region of professional responsibility.

  9. (quote-book)

  10. {{quote-text|en|year=1980|author=Noel Parry; Michael Rustin; Carole Satyamurti|title=Social Work, Welfare & the State|page=101

  11. A small piece of black silk stuck on the face or neck to heighten beauty by contrast, worn by ladies in the 17th and 18th centuries; an imitation beauty mark.

  12. (RQ:Beaumont Fletcher Comedies and Tragedies)

  13. (RQ:Landon Ethel Churchill)

  14. A piece of material used to cover a wound.

  15. An adhesive piece of material, impregnated with a drug, which is worn on the skin, the drug being slowly absorbed over a period of time.

  16. A cover worn over a damaged eye, an eyepatch.

  17. A block on the muzzle of a gun, to do away with the effect of dispart, in sighting.

  18. (senseid) A file, a file that describes changes to be made to a computer file or files, usually changes made to a computer program that fix a programming bug.

  19. A small piece of material that is manually passed through a gun barrel to clean it.

  20. A piece of greased cloth or leather used as wrapping for a ball, to make it fit the bore.

  21. etc.; see also panel A cable connecting two pieces of electrical equipment.

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  23. A sound setting for a musical synthesizer (originally selected by means of a patch cable).

  24. An overlay used to obtain a stronger impression.

  25. A butterfly of the genus ''Chlosyne''.

  26. To mend by sewing on a piece or pieces of cloth, leather, or the like

  27. {{quote-book|en|year=1913|author=Joseph C. Lincoln|chapter=8

  28. To mend with pieces; to repair by fastening pieces on.

  29. To make out of pieces or patches, like a quilt.

  30. To join or unite the pieces of; to patch the skirt.

  31. To employ a temporary, removable electronic connection, as one between two components in a communications system.

  32. 2003, The Matrix Revolutions, Scene: Starting the Logos, 00:43:09 - 00:43:32

  33. ''the control panel of hovercraft'' The Logos ''has lit up after being jumped by'' The HammerSparky: ''She lives again.''Crew member of The Hammer via radio: ''You want us to patch an uplink to reload the software, Sparky?''Sparky: ''Yeah, that'd be swell. And can you clean the windshield while you're at it?''
  34. To repair or arrange in a hasty or clumsy manner

  35. To make the changes a patch describes; to apply a patch to the files in question. Hence:

  36. To fix or improve a computer program without a complete upgrade.

  37. To make a quick and possibly temporary change to a program.

  38. To connect two pieces of electrical equipment using a cable.

  39. A paltry fellow; a rogue; a ninny; a fool.

  40. (RQ:Shakespeare Merchant of Venice):The patch is kind enough, but a huge feeder,Snail-slow in profit, and he sleeps by dayMore than the wild-cat;(..)

  41. (RQ:Shakespeare Tempest): What a pied ninny's this! Thou scurvy patch!(..)

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  44. (l) (piece of code used to fix a bug)

  45. to ignore or fail to notice someone.

  46. A sand bank.