suomi-englanti sanakirja

paikata englanniksi

  1. fill

  2. patch

  3. piece

  4. vamp, vamp up

  5. patch up

  6. cobble

  1. To patch, mend, sew (up) (''a shirt; pants/trousers'').

  2. To fix, repair (''a shoe'').

  3. To in a filling (''on a tooth'').

  4. To fill (gaps in one's knowledge).

  5. To up (''a relationship'').

  6. To be (sb's) understudy, take (sb's) place temporarily (''e.g. at work'').

  7. To roll a spare (''in bowling'').

  8. to patch, to mend

  9. to seal

  10. to fill (gloss)