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be englannista suomeksi

  1. käydä jssak, vierailla jssak

  2. olla

  3. olla olemassa

  4. tapahtua

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

be englanniksi

  1. Be

  1. To exist; to have real existence, to be alive.

  2. ''The Universe has no explanation: it just ''is''.''

  3. (RQ:Tyndale NT)

  4. (RQ:Shakespeare Hamlet)

  5. (RQ:Florio Montaigne Essayes)it were great sottishnesse, and apparent false-hood, to say, that that is which is not yet in being, or that already hath ceased from being.

  6. 1643, (w), ''Religio Medici'', II.2, link:

  7. There is surely a peece of Divinity in us, something that was before the Elements, and owes no homage unto the Sun.
  8. (quote-journal)

  9. {{quote-av|title=Monty Python's Flying Circus|Monty Python's Flying Circus

  10. 2004, Richard Schickel, "Not Just an African Story", ''Time'', 13 December:

  11. The genial hotel manager of the past is no more. Now owner of a trucking concern and living in Belgium, Rusesabagina says the horrors he witnessed in Rwanda "made me a different man."
  12. , or dialectally (m), as (glossary) To exist.

  13. *(RQ:Shakespeare Merchant of Venice)

  14. (RQ:Austen Persuasion)

  15. 2011, Mark Sweney, ''The Guardian'', 6 July:

  16. "There has been lots of commentary on who is staying and who is staying out and this weekend will be the real test," said one senior media buying agency executive who has pulled the advertising for one major client.

    ''There is just one woman in town who can help us.'' (or, dialectally:) ''It is just one woman in town who can help us.''

  17. To occupy a place.

  18. ''The cup is on the table.''

  19. To occur, to take place.

  20. ''When will the meeting be?''

  21. (non-gloss definition)

  22. ''The postman has been today, but my tickets have still not yet come.''

    ''I have been to Spain many times.''

    ''We've been about twenty miles.''

    ''I have terrible constipation – I haven't been for several days.''

    ''They have been to a great deal of trouble.''

    ''Knowledge is bliss.''

    ''Hi, I’m Jim.''

    ''3 times 5 is fifteen.''

    ''A dog is an animal. Dogs are animals.''

    ''François Mitterrand was president of France from 1981 to 1995.''

    ''The sky is blue.''

    ''Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.'' (Luke 22:42)

    ''The sky is a deep blue today.''

    ''The dog was saved by the boy.''

  23. (quote-book)

  24. ''The woman is walking.''

    ''I shall be writing to you soon.''

    ''We liked to chat while we were eating.''

  25. (RQ:Shakespeare Macbeth)

  26. 1850, (w), ''The Blessed Damozel'', ll.67-68

  27. ‘I wish that he were come to me, / For he will come,’ she said.
  28. Matthew 28:6 (various translations, from the King James Version of 1611 to Revised Version of 1881):

  29. He is not here; for he is risen(nb..).
  30. 1922, (w), (w) XXV, l.13, page 51:

  31. ''The King with half the East at heel is marched from lands of morning;''

    ''They are to be married next month.''

    ''They are to stay here until I return.''

    ''They are not to be blamed.''

    ''How are they to get out of this mess?''

    ''I am to leave tomorrow.''

    ''I would drive you, were I to obtain a car.''

    ''This building is three hundred years old.''

    ''I am 75 kilograms.''

    ''He’s about 6 feet tall.''

    ''I’m 20.'' (= ''I am 20 years old.'')

  32. (m) (non-gloss definition)

  33. ''It is almost eight.'' (= ''It is almost eight o’clock.'')

    ''It’s 8:30'' read ''eight-thirty'' ''in Tokyo.''

    ''What time is it there? It’s night.''

    ''It has been three years since my grandmother died.'' (similar to ''My grandmother died three years ago,'' but emphasizes the intervening period)

    ''It had been six days since his departure, when I received a letter from him.''

  34. (n-g) (defdate)

  35. (ux)

  36. (RQ:Richardson Clarissa)

  37. 1770, Ireland, ''Historical Memoirs of the Irish Rebellion, in the year 1641 ... In a letter to Walter Harris, Esq; John Curry. The fourth edition, with corrections throughout the whole, and large additions, by the author'', page 186:

  38. And so, without as much as to return home to furnish myself for such a journey, volens, nolens, they prevailed, or rather forced me to come to Dublin to confer with those colonels, and that was the last August was twelvemonth.
  39. 1803, Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons, ''Journals of the House of Commons'', page 249:

  40. That they were present at the Election in August was Twelvemonth, at which there was the strictest Scrutiny that ever they saw in their Lives, by all the Four Candidates.
  41. (RQ:Scott Guy Mannering)

  42. (RQ:Eliot Adam Bede)

  43. 1895, Miss M. E. Rope of Suffolk, quoted by Joseph Wright, in ''The English Dialect Dictionary'', page 202:

  44. 'Twas there to-morrow is a week.
  45. 1907, (w), ''The Playboy of the Western World'', I, page 20:

  46. I killed my poor father, Tuesday was a week, for doing the like of that.
  47. 1920 (published), St. George Kieran Hyland, ''A Century of Persecution Under Tudor and Stuart Sovereigns from Contemporary Records'', London, Paul, page 402, quoting an earlier document, ''Loosley'' volume 5, no. 28, "List of Prisoners: In Sir W. More's handwriting": :

  48. Theobald Green gent dead in the Marshalsea in August was twelvemonth
    John Grey gent delivered out of the Marshalsea about August last by Mr. Secretary and remains in St. Mary Overies.
    John Jacob gent delivered out of the Marsh. the XVII of May was twelvemonth and sent to Bridewell by order of the Council.
  49. as a (glossary) (non-gloss definition)

  50. ''It is hot in Arizona, but it is not usually humid.''

    ''Why is it so dark in here?''

  51. To exist or behave in a certain way.

  52. 2006 October 9, Kristin Newman (writer), Barney Stinson (character), ''I Met Your Mother|How I Met Your Mother'', season 2, episode 1:

  53. "When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead."

    ''"What do we do?" "We be ourselves."''

    ''Why is he being nice to me?''

  54. To tend to do, often do; (non-gloss definition)

  55. 1996, David Sheffield, Barry W. Blaustein, Tom Shadyac and Steve Oedekerk, screenplay of ''The Nutty Professor''

  56. Women be shoppin’! You cannot stop a woman from shoppin’!
  57. 2020, (w), ''Thug Cry''

  58. Niggas be tellin' these bitches 'bout business
  59. (alt form). (n-g).

  60. 1851, Oliver Ormerod, ''Felley fro Rachde'':

  61. O ful tru un pertikler akeawnt o... th' greyt Eggshibishun. Be o felley fro Rachde.
  62. 1860, Henry Baird, ''The Song of Solomon in the Devonshire Dialect'', i 8:

  63. Go thy way vorth be tha vootsteps uv tha vlock.
  64. 1870, Joseph Philip Robson, ''Evangeline: The Spirit of Progress'', 332:

  65. Aw teuk me seat be day an' neet.
  66. 1870, Roger Piketah, ''Forness Folk'' 44:

  67. Fetchin' it yan... be a round about rooad.
  68. 1878, John Castillo, ''Poems in the North Yorkshire Dialect'', 35:

  69. Like a leeaf be firm decree / Mun fade an' fall.
  70. 1885, Alfred Lord Tennyson, ''To-morrow'':

  71. ‘I'll meet you agin to-morra,’ says he, ‘be the chapel-door.’
  72. oath

  73. vow, swearing

  74. fish

  75. meat, fish, tofu, egg (qualifier)

  76. (Latn-def)

  77. pig

  78. sheep, ram, ewe, lamb; an individual of the species ''aries''.

  79. night

  80. (non-gloss definition)

  81. red

  82. in (gloss)

  83. (ant)

  84. fire

  85. (tlb) (obs form)

  86. (ja-romanization of) (hiragana)

  87. (ja-romanization of) (katakana)

  88. water

  89. (non-gloss definition)''.

  90. without

  91. besides; but, except

  92. big; great

  93. (antonym)

  94. many; numerous

  95. (alternative form of)

  96. (inflection of)

  97. path, way

  98. to (l)

  99. to (l) something of someone

  100. bee (gloss)

  101. about (concerning)

  102. by, in various senses:

  103. near or to

  104. not later than

  105. on, to

  106. and

  107. ''wāiklis be mērgā '' - ''a boy and a girl''

  108. without

  109. we (1pl nom)

  110. bad, not suitable, not eatable

  111. A sound of a sheep

  112. baa (gl)

  113. we; (n-g)

  114. to be

  115. bad

  116. (syn)


  117. baa (gloss)

  118. (romanization of)

  119. to ask for, request someone else to do something

  120. to pray

  121. to beg, to plead with someone for help or for a favor

  122. bean, beans

  123. Letter of the Arabic alphabet: (lang)

  124. hey there, hey! you! (gloss)

  125. (uxi)

  126. road, path, (l)

  127. wine flask

  128. beige

  129. ''chiếc áo mưa màu be'' — a beige raincoat

  130. To build a mud embankment with one's hands.

  131. To prop up the lip of a sack while off|topping off the sack, to ensure a more generous quantity.

  132. ''lấy tay be miệng đấu khi đong đỗ'' — to surround the top of a measure with one's hands while measuring beans

    ''Đong bình thường, không được be đâu đấy.'' — Measure it out normally; don't prop up the lip of the sack.

  133. To hug a boundary or riverbank.

  134. bleat; baa

  135. mouth

  136. bean

  137. (non-gloss definition) (+obj)

  138. ''Ngesonto elilandelayo ngizobe ngisebenza kakhulu.''

    Next week I will be working a lot.