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beg englannista suomeksi

  1. anoa, rukoilla, pyytää hartaasti

  2. mennä asioiden edelle, pitää jtak liian itsestään selvänä

  3. kerjätä

  1. kerjätä, pyytää, anella, anoa, kärttää

  2. beg

  3. Substantiivi

beg englanniksi

  1. To request the help of someone, often in the form of money.

  2. (ux)

  3. To plead with someone for help, a favor, etc.; to entreat.

  4. (synonyms)

  5. (RQ:Shakespeare All's Well)

  6. (RQ:KJV)

  7. Joseph begged the body of Jesus.
  8. 1898, (w), (w) Chapter 5

  9. But that same day came Sam Tewkesbury to the Why Not? about nightfall, and begged a glass of rum, being, as he said, 'all of a shake' ...
  10. ''In the phrase'' ''(l)'': to assume.

  11. ''In the phrase'' ''(l)'': to raise (a question).

  12. (antonyms)

  13. To ask to be appointed guardian for, or to ask to have a guardian appointed for.

  14. a. 1612, (w), ''Epigrams''

  15. Else some will beg thee, in the court of wards.
  16. The act of begging; an imploring request.

  17. (quote-book)

  18. (senseid) A provincial governor under the Empire; a bey.

  19. (abbreviation of)

  20. 2005, DRG Dynamic Resource, House of White Birches, ''Big Book of Knit Hats & Scarves for Everyone'' (page 34)

  21. Knit with MC until work measures 3 inches from beg.
  22. (alternative form of).

  23. bag

  24. small

  25. (qualifier) master, lord

  26. run

  27. getaway

  28. escape

  29. withdrawal

  30. flight

  31. bey (gloss)

  32. request, an action of begging

  33. white

  34. vain; for nothing

  35. for free; free of charge