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to englanniksi

  1. Th

  1. (ISO 639)

  2. (non-gloss definition)

  3. (ux)

  4. (RQ:Pope Essay on Criticism)

  5. (RQ:Shakespeare Hamlet)

  6. 2010 July, Press|Associated Press, headline

  7. Odds are, BP to get new CEO this year
  8. {{quote-journal

  9. order to|In order to.

  10. (non-gloss definition) In the direction of, so as to arrive at.

  11. 2013 September 28, Malik|Kenan Malik, "London Is Special, but Not That Special," ''New York Times'' (retrieved 28 September 2013):

  12. Driven by a perceived political need to adopt a hard-line stance, Mr. Cameron’s coalition government has imposed myriad new restrictions, the aim of which is to reduce net migration to Britain to below 100,000.
  13. (n-g)

  14. As a.

  15. ''With God to friend'' (with God as a friend);   ''with The Devil to fiend'' (with the Devil as a foe);   ''lambs slaughtered to lake'' (lambs slaughtered as a sacrifice);   ''took her to wife'' (took her as a wife);   ''was sold to slave'' (was sold as a slave).

  16. (non-gloss definition) compared to, against.

  17. ''one to one'' = 1:1

    ''ten to one'' = 10:1.

    ''I have ten dollars to your four.''

  18. (RQ:Marlowe Tamburlaine)

  19. (non-gloss definition).

  20. ''Three squared or three to the second power is nine.''

    ''Three to the power of two is nine.''

    ''Three to the second is nine.''

  21. Preceding the next hour.

  22. ''What's the time? – It's quarter to four in the afternoon (or 3:45 pm).''


  23. Often used without the hour

  24. ''It’s quarter to (3:45, or 4:45, or whatever time ending in 45 would make the most sense)''

    ''Anyone could do this job; there's nothing to it.''

    ''There's a lot of sense to what he says.''

    ''The name has a nice ring to it.''

  25. to

  26. ''Our holiday did not go to plan.''

  27. At.

  28. ''Stay where you're to and I'll come find you, b'y.''

  29. Toward a closed, touching or engaging position.

  30. (RQ:Lawrence Sons and Lovers)

  31. Into the wind.

  32. (misspelling of)

  33. sago (gloss)

  34. your

  35. water

  36. (topic) water

  37. that, there

  38. porridge

  39. tone (gloss)

  40. tone or shade of a color

  41. it, this, that

  42. your; (non-gloss definition)

  43. (cln) two

  44. wash

  45. (Latn-def)

  46. antelope

  47. ear

  48. father-in-law

  49. mortar

  50. mountain

  51. to crush

  52. to pound

  53. Thu (gloss)

  54. your, thy; of yours, of thine

  55. ''che al sedi santifiât il to nom, che al vegni il to ream,'' — "Your kingdom come, your will be done," (third and fourth sentences of Lord's Prayer)

  56. yours, thine

  57. yours, thine; the thing belonging to you/ thee

  58. in, at, to

  59. (non-gloss)

  60. 1820, B. A. Fandiño, ''El Heráclito Español y Demócrito Gallego'':

  61. ''Meu señor santo Tomé,''
    ''tendes dous nomes nun só,''
    ''sodes castrón polo mé,''
    ''é sodes cán polo tó.''
    : My good sir ''Santo Tomé'':
    : You have two names in just one,
    : You are a ram with the "mé"
    : And a dog with the "tó"
  62. ''feminine definite article''

  63. (uxi)

  64. language

  65. a body of water, such as a lake or ocean

  66. (alternative form of)

  67. eye

  68. (ja-romanization of)

  69. or

  70. to make something up

  71. that; (lv-inflection of)

  72. with that; (lv-inflection of)

  73. of that; (lv-inflection of)

  74. that; (inflection of)

  75. you (qualifier), thou

  76. To té paʼlé gra. / To te pale gra.

    You spoke with an accent. (qualifier)

  77. this

  78. (inflection of)

  79. you (gloss)

  80. toe

  81. to (gl)

  82. to

  83. too

  84. until

  85. while

  86. that

  87. the one (of two)

  88. (altform)

  89. (cln) (l)

  90. fabric

  91. ability, nature

  92. (rfdef)

  93. to, into

  94. at

  95. used to mark the infinitive (supine) of the verb

  96. as

  97. besides

  98. in addition, also, too; moreover

  99. to an excessive degree; too

  100. (l)

  101. this (gl)

  102. then (gl)

  103. (syn)

  104. so

  105. (contraction of)

  106. it

  107. that

  108. hair on the human body (especially hair

  109. water

  110. big, large

  111. great, considerable

  112. loud

  113. roof

  114. open space in the woods with shrubs or brushwood, valley in the woods

  115. (alt form)

  116. (quote-book)

  117. to arrange, to up

  118. to order, to put things in order

  119. to become ordered, to become arranged

  120. to talk incessantly

  121. to be enough, to be worthy, to be sufficient, to to

  122. to be comparable to

  123. to reach up to

  124. to be visible, to be comprehensible

  125. you (sg., acc.)