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young englannista suomeksi

  1. nuori

  2. nuorekas

  3. uusi

  4. poikanen

  5. kokematon

  6. nuoriso

  1. Substantiivi

  2. jälkeläinen / jälkeläiset (monikko) , poikanen / poikaset (monikko)

  3. Verbi

young englanniksi

  1. Young

  1. In the early part of growth or life; born not long ago.

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  7. At an early stage of existence or development; having recently come into existence.

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  9. (Not) advanced in age; (far towards or) at a specified stage of existence or age.

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  11. And thou, our Mother, twice two centuries young,
    Bend with bright shafts of truth thy bow fresh-strung.
  12. Junior (of two related people with the same name).

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  14. Early. (q)

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  16. (..) Miss Hessy is as pretty a girl as eye can see, in her young twenties and a bit of a fortune to boot.
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  19. Youthful; having the look or qualities of a young person.

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  21. Of or belonging to the early part of life.

  22. Having little experience; inexperienced; unpracticed; ignorant; weak.

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  24. Offspring, especially the immature offspring of animals.

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  26. To become or seem to become younger.

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  28. To cause to appear younger.

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  30. To exhibit younging.

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