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ignorant englannista suomeksi

  1. tietämätön

  1. tietämätön

  2. Substantiivi

  3. Verbi

ignorant englanniksi

  1. Unknowledgeable or uneducated; characterized by ignorance.

  2. (RQ:Tillotson Wisdo)

  3. That man that doth not know those things which are of use and necessity for him to know, is but an ignorant man, whatever he may know besides;
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  5. The ignorant peasant, without fault, is greater than the philosopher with many; for what is genius or courage without an heart?
  6. Not knowing (a fact or facts), unaware (''of'' something).

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  8. For we would not, brethren, have you ignorant of our trouble which came to us in Asia, that we were pressed out of measure, above strength, insomuch that we despaired even of life:
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  10. ''Eve''. Somewhat forbids me, which I cannot name;
    For ignorant of guilt, I fear not shame:
    But some restraining thought, I know not why,
    Tells me, you long should beg, I long deny.
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  12. (..) perhaps it is sometimes the case that the greatest artists live and die, the world and themselves alike ignorant what they possess.
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  14. That night he slept the sleep of happiness, blissfully ignorant that he had placed the letters in the wrong envelopes.
  15. Ill-mannered, crude.

  16. (ux)

  17. unknown; undiscovered

  18. c. 1604, (w), ''(w)'', Act IV, Scene 2,http://www.opensourceshakespeare.org/views/plays/play_view.php?WorkID=othello&Scope=entire&pleasewait=1&msg=pl

  19. Alas, what ignorant sin have I committed?
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  21. (..) I beseech you,
    If you know aught which does behove my knowledge
    Thereof to be inform’d, imprison't not
    In ignorant concealment.
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  23. (..) as to you, your goodness and understanding will always see to the bottom of involuntary or ignorant faults—always help me to correct them.
  24. Resulting from ignorance; foolish; silly.

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  26. (..) his shipping—
    Poor ignorant baubles!— upon our terrible seas,
    Like eggshells moved upon their surges, crack’d
    As easily ’gainst our rocks:
  27. 1916, (w), ''(w)'' edited by (w), New York: Harper & Bros., Chapter 8, p. 112,https://archive.org/details/mysteriousstrang00twaiuoft

  28. He had never felt a pain or a sorrow, and did not know what they were, in any really informing way. He had no knowledge of them except theoretically—that is to say, intellectually. And of course that is no good. One can never get any but a loose and ignorant notion of such things except by experience.
  29. One who is ignorant.

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  31. (ca-verb form of)

  32. ignoramus, ignorant

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  34. ignorant

  35. ignoramus

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