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large englannista suomeksi

  1. kuuluisa

  2. iso

  3. laaja-alaisesti

  4. suuri, kookas

  5. suuri koko

  6. korkealentoinen

  7. raskauden loppuvaiheessa oleva

  8. leveästi

  9. myötätuuleen

  10. laaja

  1. suuri, iso

  2. Substantiivi

large englanniksi

  1. Of considerable or relatively great size or extent.

  2. (quote-book)| title=(w)|chapter=2| passage=We drove back to the office with some concern on my part at the prospect of so large a case. Sunning himself on the board steps, I saw for the first time Mr. Farquhar Fenelon Cooke.

  3. (ux)

  4. Abundant; ample.

  5. (RQ:Milton PL)

  6. Full in statement; diffuse; profuse.

  7. (RQ:Felton Classic)

  8. I might be very large upon the importance and advantages of education.
  9. Free; unencumbered.

  10. (RQ:Fairfax Godfrey of Bulloign)

  11. Of burdens all he set the Paynims large.
  12. Unrestrained by decorum; said of language.

  13. (RQ:Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing)

  14. Crossing the line of a ship's course in a favorable direction; said of the wind when it is abeam, or between the beam and the quarter.

  15. An old musical note, equal to two longas, four breves, or eight semibreves.

  16. Liberality, generosity.

  17. A thousand dollars/pounds.

  18. ''Getting a car tricked out like that will cost you 50 large.''

  19. (quote-book)

  20. A large serving of something.

  21. ''One small coffee and two larges, please.''

  22. Before the wind.

  23. wide, broad

  24. (l)

  25. generous

  26. sea

  27. width

  28. munificently, generously, liberally.

  29. abundantly, copiously.

  30. to a great extent.

  31. (inflection of)

  32. wide

  33. sea, sea

  34. (syn)

  35. (l); big

  36. wide (when used to differentiate between height, width and length)