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size englannista suomeksi

  1. jäykistys

  2. työstää mitan mukaan

  3. luokitella koon mukaan, lajitella koon mukaan

  4. koko

  5. sillä mallilla ovat asiat

  6. viimeistellä

  7. -kokoinen

  8. suuruus

  1. koko, suuruus

  2. koko

  3. sovittaa

  4. luokitella koon mukaan">luokitella koon mukaan, lajitella koon mukaan">lajitella koon mukaan

  5. arvioida koko">arvioida koko

  6. pohjuste

  7. liisteri

  8. rupi

  9. pohjustaa, pohjamaalata

  10. Substantiivi

size englanniksi

  1. The dimensions or magnitude of a thing; how big something is. (defdate)

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  3. (quote-video game)|location=Redwood City|publisher=Electronic Arts|year=2008|genre=fiction|Science Fiction|system=PC|scene=Normandy SR-1|isbn=9780784546642|oclc=246633669|passage=Ashley: Look at the size of that ship!Kaidan: The Ascension. Flagship of the Citadel fleet.Joker: Well, size isn't everything.Ashley: Why so touchy, Joker?Joker: I'm just saying you need firepower, too.

  4. (quote-journal)

  5. A specific set of dimensions for a manufactured article, especially clothing. (defdate)

  6. A number of edges in a graph. (defdate)

  7. Degree of rank, ability, character, etc.

  8. (RQ:L'Estrange Fables)

  9. {{quote-text|en|year=1720|author=Jonathan Swift|title=Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 5/A Letter to a Young Clergyman|A Letter to a Young Clergyman

  10. An instrument consisting of a number of perforated gauges fastened together at one end by a rivet, used for measuring the size of pearls

  11. (R:Knight AM).

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  13. An assize. (defdate)

  14. {{quote-text|en|year=1749|author=Henry Fielding|title=Tom Jones|page=560|publisher=Folio Society|year_published=1973

  15. A regulation, piece of ordinance. (defdate)

  16. A regulation determining the amount of money paid in fees, taxes etc. (defdate)

  17. A fixed standard for the magnitude, quality, quantity etc. of goods, especially food and drink. (defdate)

  18. (RQ:Shakespeare King Lear)

  19. To adjust the size of; to make a certain size.

  20. {{RQ:Bacon Henry 7

  21. To classify or arrange by size.

  22. To take the height of men, in order to place them in the ranks according to their stature.

  23. To sift (pieces of ore or metal) in order to separate the finer from the coarser parts.

  24. To approximate the dimensions, estimate the size of.

  25. To take a greater size; to increase in size.

  26. after 1633 (first published), (w), ''to Love|Farewell to Love''

  27. Our desires give them fashion, and so, / As they wax lesser, fall, as they size, grow.
  28. To order food or drink from the buttery; hence, to enter a score, as upon the buttery book.

  29. To swell; to increase the bulk of.

  30. (RQ:Fletcher Shakespeare Two Noble Kinsmen)lend us a knee;But touch the ground for us no longer timeThen a Doves motion, when the head's pluckt off:ell him if he i'th blood cizd field, lay swolneShowing the Sun his Teeth; grinning at the MooneWhat you would doe.

  31. (senseid) A thin, weak glue used as primer for paper or canvas intended to be painted upon.

  32. (RQ:Lindsay Age of Consent)

  33. Wallpaper paste.

  34. The thickened crust on coagulated blood.

  35. Any viscous substance, such as gilder's varnish.

  36. To apply glue or other primer to a surface which is to be painted.

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  38. size

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