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viscous englannista suomeksi

  1. tarttuva, tarrautuva

  2. viskoosinen, sitkeä, tahmea

  1. sakea, sitkeä, tahmea; viskoottinen, viskoosinen, viskoosi

viscous englanniksi

  1. Having a thick, sticky consistency between solid and liquid.

  2. (syn)


  3. (quote-journal) The flesh the mistletoe berry is sticky, and forms strings and ribbons between my thumb and forefinger. For the mistletoe, this viscous goop – and by the way, viscous comes to English from viscum – is crucial. The stickiness means that, after eating the berries, birds often regurgitate the seeds and then wipe their bills on twigs – leading to the seeds' getting glued to the tree, where they can germinate and begin the cycle anew.

  4. Of or pertaining to viscosity.

  5. (l) (of a liquid, thick; tending to flow slowly)