suomi-englanti sanakirja

primer englannista suomeksi

  1. sytyke, sytytin

  2. alkeiskirja, aapinen

  3. pohjamaali

  1. rukouskirja

  2. aapinen

  3. alkeiskirja, alkeet (monikko)

  4. sytyke

  5. sytytin; nalli small explosive

  6. panostaja

  7. pohjamaali

  8. pohjustaja

  9. aluke

  10. sytytin

  11. karsija

  12. Verbi

  13. Substantiivi

primer englanniksi

  1. A book|prayer or devotional book intended for laity, initially an abridgment of the breviary and manual including the hours of the Mary, 15 gradual and 7 penitential psalms, the litany, the placebo and dirige forming the office of the dead, and the commendations.

  2. (syn)

  3. Any of various similar works issued in England for private prayer in accordance with the of Common Prayer.

  4. A children's book intended to teach literacy: how to read, write, and spell.

  5. 1545, ''The A.B.C. Primers''

  6. (quote-book)

  7. An introductory text on any subject, particularly basic concepts.

  8. (quote-journal)

  9. An school class; an school student. ''(No longer used.)''

  10. Any substance or device, such as wire or cap, used to ignite gunpowder or other explosive.

  11. A person who primes explosives.

  12. A substance used to prime wood, metal, etc. in preparation for painting.

  13. A layer of such a substance.

  14. A layer of makeup that goes beneath the foundation; undermakeup.

  15. A person who primes wood, metal, etc.

  16. A molecule which initiates the synthesis of an enzyme, a single-stranded acid molecule which initiates DNA replication.

  17. A pheromone which interacts first with the system.

  18. A device used to prime an combustion engine with gasoline, in airplanes.

  19. A person who prunes trees.

  20. First in time, initial, early.

  21. (RQ:Drayton Poly-Olbio)

  22. the primer English kings
  23. First in importance, premier.

  24. First in position, foremost.

  25. first

  26. prime (sense)

  27. first; before anything else

  28. to dominate, to be dominant over

  29. to win (a prize)

  30. to prevail, take precedent

  31. primary

  32. (ux)

  33. (l):

  34. first or earliest in a group or series.

  35. main; principal; chief; placed ahead of others.

  36. (alternative form of)

  37. (l) (hymn book)

  38. example, instance

  39. model, paragon

  40. precedence

  41. example (something representative of a group)

  42. (apocopic form of) (gloss)

  43. (uxi)