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sufficient englannista suomeksi

  1. riittävä

  1. riittävästi

  2. pätevä, riittävä

  3. riittävä

  4. Verbi

sufficient englanniksi

  1. An adequate quantity of; enough.

  2. (usex)

  3. A quantity (of something) that is as large as is needed.

  4. (ux)

  5. Of a type or kind that suffices, that satisfies requirements or needs.

  6. Possessing adequate talents or accomplishments; of competent power or ability; qualified; fit.

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  8. Capable of meeting obligations; responsible.

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  10. Having enough money to meet obligations and live comfortably.

  11. {{quote-book|en|year=1816|title=A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanors from the Earliest Period to the Year 1783

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