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crush englannista suomeksi

  1. musertaa

  2. murskaantua, murskautua

  3. murskata

  4. murskaus, puristaminen, puristus

  5. pintakuvioinen nahka

  6. puristaa, liiskata, runnoa, rusentaa

  7. ihastus

  8. poistaa

  9. tungos

  1. Substantiivi

  2. törmäys collision, murskaus, murskaantuminen destruction, tuho ruin

  3. puristus

  4. tungos

  5. tungos, väentungos

  6. mellakka-aita

  7. ihastus

  8. juhlat (monikko)

  9. murskaus process

  10. Verbi

  11. murskata, musertaa, rusentaa, liiskata

  12. jauhaa, murskata, hienontaa

  13. murskata, musertaa

  14. musertaa

  15. murskata, nujertaa

  16. murskautua, musertua

  17. olla ihastunut">olla ihastunut, olla pihkassa, olla lätkässä">olla lätkässä

crush englanniksi

  1. A violent collision or compression; a crash; destruction; ruin.

  2. (quote-book)

  3. Violent pressure, as of a moving crowd.

  4. A crowd that produces uncomfortable pressure.

  5. ''a crush at a reception''

  6. A violent crowding.

  7. A control barrier.

  8. A drink made by squeezing the juice out of fruit.

  9. An infatuation with somebody one is not dating.

  10. ''I've had a huge crush on her since we met many years ago.''

  11. The human object of such infatuation or affection.

  12. 2004, Chris Wallace (journalist)|Chris Wallace, ''Character: Profiles in Presidential Courage''

  13. It had taken nine years from the evening that Truman|Truman first showed up with a pie plate at her mother's door, but his dogged perseverance eventually won him the hand of his boyhood Sunday school crush.
  14. A stock or cage with movable sides used to restrain livestock for safe handling.

  15. A party or festive function.

  16. 1890, (w), ''(w)'' chapter 1

  17. Two months ago I went to a crush at Lady Brandon's.
  18. The process of crushing cane to remove the raw sugar, or the season when this process takes place.

  19. The situation where certain colors are so similar as to be hard to distinguish, either as a deliberate effect or as a limitation of a display.

  20. ''black crush; white crush''

  21. To press between two hard objects; to squeeze so as to alter the natural shape or integrity of it, or to force together into a mass.

  22. ''to crush grapes''

  23. 1769, Benjamin Blayney, ''King James Bible'' : Leviticus 22:24

  24. ''Ye shall not offer unto the (smallcaps) that which is bruised, or crushed, or broken, or cut''
  25. To reduce to fine particles by pounding or grinding

  26. (syn)

    ''to crush quartz''

  27. 1912, (w), (w), Chapter 1

  28. With a wild scream he was upon her, tearing a great piece from her side with his mighty teeth, and striking her viciously upon her head and shoulders with a broken tree limb until her skull was crushed to a jelly.
  29. To overwhelm by pressure or weight.

  30. {{quote-journal

  31. ''After the corruption scandal, the opposition crushed the ruling party in the elections''

  32. To do impressively well at (sports events; performances; interviews; etc.).

  33. ''They had a gig recently at Madison Square—totally crushed it!''

  34. To oppress or grievously burden.

  35. (senseid) To overcome completely; to subdue totally.

  36. ''The sultan's black guard crushed every resistance bloodily.''

  37. To be or become broken down or in, or pressed into a smaller compass, by external weight or force

  38. ''an eggshell crushes easily''

  39. To feel infatuation or unrequited love.

  40. ''She's crushing on him.''

  41. To give a compressed or foreshortened appearance to.

  42. 2003, Michel Chion, ''The Films of Jacques Tati'' (page 78)

  43. He frames his subject in distant close-ups (we feel the distance, due mostly to the crushed perspective brought about by the telephoto lens).
  44. 2010, Birgit Bräuchler, John Postill, ''Theorising Media and Practice'' (page 319)

  45. They realise that trajectories, space expansion and crushing are different with different lenses, whether wide angle or telephoto, and that actors' eyelines will be altered.
  46. To make certain colors so similar as to be hard to distinguish, either as a deliberate effect or as a limitation of a display.

  47. ''My old TV set crushes the blacks when the brightness is lowered.''

  48. (l) (gloss)